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Question on LT Spice equivalents...

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Paul Burridge, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. Hi,

    I need LT spice models for the TC7SU04F and 74HC04. However I imagine
    Linear make their own generic equivalents of these popular ICs under
    different designations. Either would suffice, I guess. Does anyone
    know where they might be obtainable from? I've searched Linear's site
    but without knowing which of their LT.series of chips are the same as
    the above, I'm somewhat in the dark..


  2. Chuck Harris

    Chuck Harris Guest

    Hi Paul,

    A large part of the reason that Linear Technology calls themselves
    "Linear" is they make only chips that are used in analog circuits.

    The chips you mention are digital.

    -Chuck Harris
  3. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    Paul Burridge[] iscrivinhated/wrotou na
    Linear makes only _analog_ IC's, I think. 74HCxx are digital.
  4. Active8

    Active8 Guest

    And as I mentioned before, that's also why LTSpice has no circles
  5. You should join
    In the files section there is a 74HC library. The models are somewhat
    simplified for efficiency. You can un-comment some parts in the model
    to make it more accurate.

  6. I have reasonable analogue .subckts aproximations to basic hc gates in
    my SS lib.

    Kevin Aylward
    SuperSpice, a very affordable Mixed-Mode
    Windows Simulator with Schematic Capture,
    Waveform Display, FFT's and Filter Design.

    "That which is mostly observed, is that which replicates the most"

    "quotes with no meaning, are meaningless" - Kevin Aylward.
  7. Ban

    Ban Guest

    I have to agree with Genome and Thompson- your abilities in electronics are
    not up to using a tool like Spice, and I'm afraid will never be. :-(
    Most important is to learn the basics, not playing around with something you
    do not understand. With this question you again reveal in an embarassing way
    your ignorance.
    Both parts are inverters made in HCMOS technology. Fairchild pioneered many
    of these, so go to their website, click on logic ICs, HC and models...and
    you can request a model:

    They offer 3 different models for every gate: fast, typical and slow.
    You can already see, digital parts are not so easy to spice and it is
    usually not needed, unless you use them in an analog way.
    Since you might want to make an oscillator or linear amplifier with it, a
    model will be handy. Read also the datasheet, have a look at the internal
    circuitry and try to understand how it works.
    For this you need to know how a transistor or in this case a MosFet is
    working. Read it up in AoE. Do not skip these fundamentals.

    ciao Ban
    Bordighera, Italy
  8. I really don't understand why some people feel this urge to bash Paul
    all the time. What are you trying to achieve with that? Demoralize him?

    I have seen posts on this newsgroup that are lots more ignorant than
    his. Heck, he's trying at least. And he's not ashamed of asking even
    when in danger to make a fool of himself. Some of the threads he kicked
    off developed into interesting discussions (even when it wasn't his merit).
  9. I completely disagree. I've made excellent progress with Spice and
    though I have much yet to learn, I'm not daunted by the prospect of
    it. Plus I take the 'advice' of the defeatists and detractors with a
    pinch of salt. :p
    So I didn't know Linear didn't make digital ICs. Big F*cking Deal! ;-)
  10. If so they're wasting their time.
    Thanks, Stefan. I'm afraid once you read a bit more of what goes on
    here you'll see that a lot of folks are just bitterly envious of my
    overwhelming popularity. Hence the frequent digs aimed at me by those
    who feel they don't get due veneration for what *they* post!
  11. It wasn't my impression so far that envy played a significant role.
    Personality clashes happen. But some people (and I exclude neither you
    nor myself) sometimes seem to need a reminder that a newsgroup is a
    public place. Worse, the postings are preserved for eternity.
  12. Reinier Gerritsen wrote...
    Paul, if you examine Toshiba's TC7SU04 datasheet and
    the datasheet of 'U04 ICs from other companies you'll
    see they're all very similar, so you can use a generic
    model with a name similar to 74HCU04. Single-gate ICs
    are intended to have similar properties to a single
    gate from a six-gate package. Also, spice models of
    multi-element ICs model only one element.

    - Win

  13. Ban

    Ban Guest

    It was not meant to demoralize him, but to help him find solutions himself.
    For example if you type "74HC04 spice model" into Google, this page comes
    right on top:

    I also do not (only) bash him but give constructive advice. To read up
    the basics and where to find models.
    And maybe you have realized, with a few people here there seems no
    progress being made. They get excellent answers to all their many questions,
    but even after years they still seem on the same basic level as before.

    Now if somebody gives an answer to have a look at the basics, what all of
    us have been doing in the beginning of our studies, and the person replies:
    "who are you to tell me that?". Then he asks for trouble, and he rather
    should apologize.

    Stefan, here in usenet you have to be courageous to question and
    appreciative to all the answers that are coming, even if it hurts your ego.
    Hope you understand my point?

    ciao Ban
  14. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    The consensus by those who know is that the idiot is a troll. Any
    idiotic troll can relentlessly rattle off superficial questions, and
    notice there is little to no follow-up on his part. He most certainly is
    seriously brain-damaged from alcohol abuse.
    So is a toilet.
    Same with drain waste...

    USENET is another failure, much like television with its early promise
    of providing easily accessed educational and cultural resource, and its
    degeneration into worthless trash content, USENET has also degenerated.
  15. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    Winfield Hill wrote:

    Give us a break! The reason he wants a SPICE model is because HE CANNOT
    READ A DATASHEET! It's ridiculous to respond with a real answer, he
    doesn't rate it.
  16. Genome

    Genome Guest

    Remove head from Bum.

    I really don't mean to be offensive, I just couldn't resist.

  17. <ROTFLMAO>

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  18. Thanks, Win. It seems you're right. The 74HCx model available on the
    yahoo groups site (by Helmut!) does the trick very well indeed.
  19. Yes, I've noticed.
  20. Yes, largely thanks to vulgar, abusive bucket-mouths like you and your
    pal, Genome.
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