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Question on comparing DC amps to AC amps please

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Dave in Lake Villa, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. If i have a set of contacts which are rated at 60 fla @ 240 v. AC
    power...what would be the equivalent rating in '12 VDC fla ' ??

    And, is there a mathematical formula to determine this ?

    Thanks. Ill check back for answers.

  2. Tom Grayson

    Tom Grayson Guest

    I concur with all Sue Said,

    with the added point that when we use small AC Contactors to break DC with
    Inductive Loads, we usually add in a few contacts of the same device in
    series, This way there are multilple breaks in the Circuit at the time the
    contactor opens. this helps in extinguishing the DC Arc.

    If you have 4 contacts available, use all four contacts, the more the
    merrier, as long as the load is enough that contact resistance is not a

    Tom Grayson
  3. Thanks to both of you.
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