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Question on a simple radio

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Jason Grace, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. Jason Grace

    Jason Grace Guest

    I recently built from Ramsey Electronics a simple radio for AM. I
    built it perfectly and it got AM stations very load and clear. The
    next day, I took it to work to show a collegue, and it didn't get any
    stations. Ever since, and after checking the connections carefully
    and so forth, there is no reception. What changed??
  2. Yesterday I drove my car for abt 200 miles an everything was fine.
    Today I could not even get it started.

    IOW get a multimeter and a scope and dig through it. I fyou want help,
    be more precise. Is the device totally dead or can you hear some
    noise? Is the battery OK? etc etc
  3. What has changed is that whatever was connected is now not connected. Check
    all your connections and all the thingamejigs etc.
  4. James Beck

    James Beck Guest

    Your location changed.

    Sure you are not in a building that might shield you from those VERY
    long wave length radio waves?
  5. Jason Grace

    Jason Grace Guest

    Thanks everyone for responding. It is a Ramsey Kit, the simple AM
    radio, and connected by wire-to-spring. I've checked all connections,
    and they look fine.
    I tried going through it with my handy multimeter and the multimeter
    It'salmost like a curse between the two of them; $30+ or equipment and
    that work, then don't work. The connections didn't change, the
    location didn't change, so I wonder if the Ramsey sent cheap or dying
    components. Anyone had
    the same experiences? Do components like diodes or whatever die that
    such as from a trip in the car?
  6. Norman Webb

    Norman Webb Guest

    Jason Grace wrote in message

    Welcome to the world of FRED. Fucking Rediculous Electronic Devices.

    NEVER be surprised at what can go wrong and you'll never be disappointed.

    Now begins the fault finding.


  7. Captain

    Captain Guest

    It's just another example of Murphey's Law - "Anything that can go wrong,

    At least your kit worked. I remember, when I was young, assembling an AM
    radio kit, (with tubes yet!) and switching it on to find out that the output
    was zero at all frequencies. I tried to find out was wrong to no avail. I
    took it to one of the college techs to see if he could do anything with it.
    He turned it on and it worked perfectly. I took it back to my room and it
    never worked again!

    What's the opposite of green fingers?

  8. Captain

    Captain Guest

    Actually, perhaps thinking a bit more clearly in the morning light, you
    really should check your solder joints. if one of them is a "dry joint"
    where the solder join looks to be made but where there is no actual
    electrical conductivity, this can become evident with a bit of vibration,
    just what you'd get in a car journey. Try running your soldering iron over
    your joints so that the solder melts again, then re-test.

  9. David Wood

    David Wood Guest

    If this is the model AM2, it has no solder. All connections are on
    springs. Sounds like a power problem of course. Besides checking all
    connections on top, also check the connections from the component
    leads to the springs on the bottom of the panel, and be sure the
    jumper wires are connecting metal-to-metal to the springs and not just
    clamped on insulation. Make sure the battery is good. I've seen 9V
    batteries fail from internal mechanical opens.
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