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Question: Marine and Auto GPS

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Maloney's, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Maloney's

    Maloney's Guest

    Can anyone recommend products I should consider that gives me a portable
    chartplotter/GPS and auto navigation all in one device. I can think of the
    Garmin 378/478 and the Lowrance Iway 600C. Any thoughts?
  2. Guest

    I have the previous version of the Garmin, the GPSMAP276C with the
    land and sea package. I love it. When we go ashore in a strange place,
    it's small enough to put in a pocket or my wife's handbag for finding
    our way around on the bikes. With the larger models you lose the
    capability to use it on internal batteries and carry it everywhere you
    go. The built in tide info is also great. I use mine in conjunction
    with a Panasonic toughbook on board, running the Garmin Mapsource
    software, cityselect, and bluecharts, which is nice for planning
    ahead, and getting cursory information on where to find restaurants
    and other shoreside services.
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