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Question: getting a MS EE w/o a BS EE

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Monty Hall, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. Monty Hall

    Monty Hall Guest

    I'm a '97 Chemical Engineering BS that worked for a semi conductor fab and
    was laid off a few years ago. Did some consulting work for a year w/ some
    former colleagues concerning radio transmission and signal processing.
    Really liked the project/design aspects of Electrical Engineering and the
    calculations/theory seemed pretty straightforward. Not to mention when I
    was an employee of IBM, I thought the projects my EE peers were working on
    to be very interesting.

    Most of the jobs available to me at this moment in time are pretty crude
    manufacturing jobs - the valley hasn't quite recovered yet. I'm not
    thrilled going from a high tech fab w/ 3 patents on surface etching and
    cleanliness to plating car bumpers - no kidding. Having worked for Dow
    Chemical and IBM, I have a pretty good idea of what chemical engineers in
    process and development do and am very interested in ending my career in
    ChE. In a nutshell, I would like to make the switch because my temperament
    is such that I like to apply engineering skills and knowledge to design and
    built things - not watch a process or do slow uninteresting experiments.

    My questions is that I am going to apply to a masters EE program and was
    wondering what are my chances of success? I've heard that its pretty common
    for BS Physics folks to get a MS EE. As an engineer, I've had a pretty
    heavy dose of math for doing fluid flow, chemical separations, and yes 1
    semester of a 300 level electrical engineering course. Will I be entering
    the program with my pants around my ankles or should I just get another BS
    in EE?


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