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Question for the techies re car amp.

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Mark jb, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. Mark jb

    Mark jb Guest

    OK. I've got a 4 channel, 200w/chan amp for the car.
    Channel 1 +ve works when hooked to Ch2 -ve, ch2 seems to works fine unless
    ch1 +ve is hooked into the -ve of 2.
    Ch 1 -ve seems to be dead entirely.
    Ch 3+4 work fine.

    Looking to get rear stereo + sub outputs from it.
    Problem is, the sub needs to be bridged or is next to inaudible, and i've
    only got 3 good channels to work with, not 4.

    Have a second cheapo Avalanche amp which powers the sub fine... Just don't
    want to be running two amps for no reason. The big one ain't worth the real
    estate if it only half works, I'll get a second $80 Avalanche as it's plenty
    enough for me.

    Local chinese bloke reckons it's got four leaking transistors, costing ~$200
    to fix.
    Only paid $50 for the damn thing.
    Any cheap fixes? Or even a bloke who won't charge the earth to repair the

    Don't want major doof, tho it would be nice occasionally to blow away a
    boyracer's fully sik sound system. Or at least hear mine over the sound of
    his panels vibrating.

    Located near Penrith, NSW.

  2. Ian Du Rieu

    Ian Du Rieu Guest

    Don't want major doof, tho it would be nice occasionally to blow away a
    The things people do to compensate for a small penis!

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