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Question for Altium Designer Users....

Discussion in 'CAD' started by yy7d6, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. yy7d6

    yy7d6 Guest

    Hi, I'm currently having problem with the PCB trace length
    matching... I already set-up the 'Match Length Rule' and click on
    Tools>>Equalize Net Lengths. but still nothing happens? I've
    intentionally pre-routed the nets to be unequal in length to see if its
    works... Any suggestions? --yy
  2. Try unrouting at least a portion of the traces.
    If they are completely routed I am not sure that the command will do
    anything, afterall it is basically a router function. It probably should
    because you have to run it over several iterations when I believe it would
    be routed after each iteration. Are the traces you routed "locked", so the
    router won't touch them? Many possibilities but I can't answer them for you
    because I don't use that function, nor the newer software.

    Other than that, read the PDFs under the Help/About menu and go online
    to Altiums site and check their PDFs and white papers. Failing all else,
    register on their users forum, you will probably get your answers inside of
    1 hour through their user forum. If you just ask your question here every
    couple of weeks you may never get an answer.
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