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Question about op amps?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Peyter, Nov 16, 2003.

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  1. Peyter

    Peyter Guest

    In the 741, what are NC and Null Offset (two pins of null offset) ?
  2. NC means "No Connection" - the pin is not connected inside the IC.

    If you connect the two ends of a pot to the two offset null terminals,
    and the wiper of the pot to the negative supply, you can adjust the
    pot to remove any input offset voltage that the opamp generates.
    (Short the input terminals, and adjust the pot for zero output
  3. Be careful. "NC" can also mean NOT-TO-BE-CONNECTED.
  4. Peyter

    Peyter Guest

    I have another question then. I am looking at a board right here where
    there is an LM324N with 4 op amp, two of which are unconnected.
    Near that ic there is an LM741CN. Why would a 741 be used if
    there are two available op amps in the LM324N. I assume that
    the LM324N don't have null offsets because they are more modern, so
    I don't really understand this, any ideas?
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