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question about filters

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by viswanath, May 17, 2004.

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  1. viswanath

    viswanath Guest

    I have to design a low pass filter in VHDL. How can one go about
    designing such a filter when the medium is event driven and time
    domain based??
    How should one decide on the filter characteristics if we just know
    the symbol time rate.
    If I am using standard VHDL and not AMS is it possible for me to
    design such a filter which is used in the recovery loops of receiver?
    Most of the references on filter and digital communications refer to
    frequency domain analysis. How can I go around this problem?
    If the input is a pulse then a low pass filter is an integrate and
    dump. However if I have a sampled sine wave how could I design a low
    pass filter? Could you please reply and let me know?
    I would grealty appreciate your reply.
    Looking forward to your replies,
    PS: I would be needing a filter after the mixing of two sine waves to
    filter out the higher frequency components
  2. cirip

    cirip Guest


    You may want to post your question to comp.dsp news group. I guess what you
    are looking for is called digital signal processing.
    Take a look at

  3. Marlboro

    Marlboro Guest

    what do you know about vhdl?
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