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Question about Circuit Maker

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by bench, May 10, 2004.

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  1. bench

    bench Guest

    There seems to be a slight problem when placing transistors
    with Circuit Maker 6; if the grid is displayed and snap is 'on'
    I expect components to be aligned with the grid, yet when
    placing transistors it seems that the 3 legs do not all reach
    grid points, only one, the base. Is there something wrong
    with my approach, or is this a feature of the software ?
  2. As I suggested more politely in my last reply about your astable,

    Or use Help. If you click it, and enter 'grid', you'll see this:

    "Use the Grid option to turn the alignment grid of the circuit window
    on or off (see Figures 4.1a and b in the user manual). The grid is
    useful as an aid in precisely aligning objects. Use Snap To Grid to
    place new devices (devices not already in a circuit) according to the
    specified grid. It also lets you move old devices (devices already in
    the circuit) according to the selected grid, relative to their
    original position.
    Note: When you place a device exactly on the grid, it always remains
    on the grid regardless of scroll position. However, Snap To Grid does
    not guarantee alignment of component pins.

    Choose Options > Grid to access the Grid Setup dialog box."

    Note in particular
    "...Snap To Grid does not guarantee alignment of component pins."
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