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Question about Charter cable box

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by root, Oct 16, 2010.

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  1. root

    root Guest

    A friend who subscribes to Charter's cable TV service
    tells me Charter has programmed his cable box to
    halt after something like 6 hours and display a
    screen which says "press any key to resume viewing".

    This means that he is unable to pre-program an overnight
    recording event. Charter is unwilling or unable to tell
    him how he can change the box back to its original

    Any suggestions?
  2. Sure; get a new cable provider.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
  3. Guest

    If your friend is unable to subscribe to satellite for some reason, he
    should complain to the cable regulation authority in his city. By the
    description, at one time there was no 6 hour halt. If the 6 hour
    'feature' was enabled by the cable service, it constitutes removal of
    a service they had agreed to provide.

    Or better yet, swtch to DirecTV. Klaatu is correct; cable DVRs are
    pathetic. Dish DVRs are better - they are meerly lame, and Dish
    nickel and dimes you for every feature. He should get DirecTV and a

  4. Art Todesco

    Art Todesco Guest

    This reminds me of a problem with my Verizon land line, last year. BTW,
    Verizon has sold the land line business to Frontier now. Anyway, I had
    a package which included voicemail. Verizon VM for not very user
    friendly and I already had a phone with a built in answering machine, so
    I wanted to use it. However, Verizon VM would answer before the 4 ring
    setting on the answering machine. So I called their tech support. The
    guy said there is NO WAY to change the number of rings on their VM. So
    I lived with it for a while. A few months later, while I was talking to
    a Verizon person, I asked why you can't change the number of rings
    before going to VM. He said, you can. Just get dial tone and press
    these 2 keys and then the number of rings you want it to be. So, moral
    of the story is, call Charter back and ask someone else ... they are
    probably just reading for a script and making up the rest.
  5. root

    root Guest

    I want to thank everybody for their response. My friend's cable box
    is not a DVR, it is just a tuner. There is no setup button on either
    the remote or the box itself, so if there is a way for the user to
    disable the "power saving" it would involve some secret button
    pushing. My friend has talked to several different people at
    Charter with no success so far.
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