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question about bluetooth gps

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by dog arms, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. dog arms

    dog arms Guest

    When I saw some GPS units are bluetooth, I took that to mean you could
    pair them with your bluetooth earpiece, and thus hear the turn-by-turn
    instructions from your GPS in your earpiece.
    Since many of the complaints about GPS is the inability to hear them
    over road noise, I figured this was the logical answer.
    But now I've heard it's set up to make it so you can hear your cell
    phone conversation through your GPS speaker. What the hell would you
    need to do that for? THAT'S not the problem! Besides, all cell phones
    have speakerphones in them in the firs place.
    Wouldn't it be way more practical to be able to hear your GPS through
    your bluetooth earpiece, since that's a real-world problem?
    I would bet that is what most GPS shoppers take the "bluetooth"
    connotation to mean when considering buying one. With all their
    technology, why would anyone think they wouldn't be capable of that?
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