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Question about Barcode Scanner connection

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by magicianstalk, Sep 1, 2004.

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  1. Hey all,

    Someone gave me a laser Barcode scanner that has a cord
    consiisting of an rj-11 (phone cord end) connector (the scanner end)
    and an rj-45 (CAT5-like end) at the the end of the cable. I can
    unplug the rj-11 from the back of the scanner. Now, is there a
    cable/converter that has the rj-11 (phone-like) at one end (so i can
    plug it into the scanner) and a usb or ps2 connector at the other end
    so i can put it in the computer? You can also reach me at


  2. Dave VanHorn

    Dave VanHorn Guest

    Someone gave me a laser Barcode scanner that has a cord
    There's no way to know. Normally, the outputs are either TTL "light pen",
    or decoded to ASCII, but that connector may already be RS-232, or it may be
    TTL, or clocked serial.. Too many options.. Call the maker, or check their
    web site.
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