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Queastion about input voltage range of the INA101 Inst amp

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Exador, Aug 9, 2003.

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  1. Exador

    Exador Guest

    I'm trying to use an INA101 instrumentation amp with +-12v supply rails.
    The data sheet specifies the input voltage range as +-10v min and +-12v typical with
    +-15v supplies. My question is how do I figure out what the input range would be with
    supply voltages other than +-15v, specifically +-12v? Also curious what would happen
    if I get to close to the + supply rail on the + input pin?

  2. Most opamps maintain a fairly constant wasted voltage as the supply
    changes, so I would expect an input common mode range of only +-7v to
    +- 9v for this chip operated from 12 volt supplies.
  3. This makes sense if there is +-5 volts of supply headroom needed above
    the input range. At +-5 volt supply, the useable input range
    approaches zero but may still be usable for very low amplitude
    signals. Chips operating at the minimum possible supply voltage are
    seldom very useful.
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