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Q. Video on Electronics Basics?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by George C., Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. George C.

    George C. Guest

    I give up trying to learn about Electronics through the numerous books
    I've purchased over the years.

    In fact, someone on ebay has the same question I've posted here. They
    are wanting to find an animated video for sale, that shows electronics
    as active liquid type animations to show the path of electrons, etc.

    That same format could be used for anything, to show how transistors
    and diodes work, etc.

    But, there are few components in electronics, but an untold number of
    ways to combine things to make usefull electronics projects, kits and

    It's that kind of animated format for teaching the basics that I seek.

    Ohm's Law? Is that for accident victims? It may as well be, because
    I don't give a damn about it. I'm not going to invent or introduce
    anything new to the field of Electronics. I just want to know from the
    media example explained what happens inside a circuit.
    But I want a video that will show many examples of such operations in
    circuits, so I can maybe come up with some things I'd like to tinker

    If you know, please help.
  2. (George C.) wrote in
    If you don't give a damn about Ohm's Law, one of the simplest of all time,
    then I doubt anyone can help you.

    START there. Seriously. If you want to analogise with water, try this:
    Volts is pressure forcing a current (amps) through a resistance (ohms).
    Without trying to understand the basis of current flow, no video will make
    you understand, it might make you think you do, but that won't help.

    Get a 6 volt battery, a 6 volt bulb, and one of those cheap wirewound
    volume controls designed to directly be fitted in a small loudspeaker box.
    Once you see that changing the bulb's brightness, you'll have something to
    go on. You won't have to experiment much to get the grasp you're looking
    for, but if you don't try at least some hands-on effort you'll never get a
    feeling for it, it will always feel intangible, unbeleivable, if you don't
    do this.

  4. George C.

    George C. Guest

    I can't get Ohm's law, because I always end up asking myself "Ok, so
    what's the pont.?" Again, I don't plan to re-invent Electronics. I
    just want to tinker in a relatively safe way, without blowing up too
    many components.

    I do like your battery, bulb, and volume control experiment below.
    But, isn't that the same thing as a normal light dimmer switch?
    Also, what would be the point in that? Could you draw me a circuit
    of what your prescribed test would entail?

    What I know about Electronics wouldn't fill a thimble.
  5. (George C.) wrote in
    Dimmer switches are more complex, they cut a regular part of each AC wave
    into chunks of variable length in time. By this complexity, they manage to
    switch on and off faster than we can see it happening, which doesn't waste
    heat the way resistors do. Remember, resistance takes work to overcome.
    Work always results in heat loss as final product. Lost heat is expensive,
    as you know, a kettle takes more money to run than a lightbulb or a radio.
    This is the point of Ohm's Law, it helps you to work out the balance of
    energy in a circuit, and to work out how to get the most use out of it
    before it becomes waste heat.
    No-one's born with it. :) Having no preconceptions can be a good thing,
    better than having bad ideas to start with.
  6. The point is that for most metals the function V/I is approximately linear
    over normal temperature ranges. Contemplate what would happen if it was a
    reciprocal or squared function.


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