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Q: Hitachi VCR VT-3012A False Tape Indication

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Wally Chopyk, Jan 8, 2004.

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  1. Wally Chopyk

    Wally Chopyk Guest

    I have a Hitachi VCR model VT-3012A that intermitantly indicates the
    tape is loaded when there is no tape in the machine. This happens simply
    by cycling the power on and off. Once the indicator comes on, it will
    remain on until I unlatch the tape carrier and force it through a cycle
    or keep turning the power off/on until the tape-in indicator goes out.

    Other times, I can turn the power off/on several times w/o a tape and
    the VCR is okay. Then, the next time the power is turned on, the tape-in
    indicator may come on. The load mechanism drive belt was stretched
    loose, allowing the belt to slip when the motor does a brief spin as the
    VCR powers up, so I replaced it. Made no difference. If a tape is
    the VCR works normal.

    I welcome any suggestions as to what is causing the tape-in indicator to
    turn on without a tape in the loader. Thanks in advance for your

  2. A common fault on older Hitachi VCRs is that the end sensors fail
    intermittently causing odd symptoms, possibly including this one. If the end
    sensor lamp is a bulb rather than an LED, replace that too.
  3. Patch

    Patch Guest

    That chassis has a lot of problems with the mode switch getting dirty &
    causing those symptoms. Pick up a can of tuner cleaner in a spray can, with
    a nozzle. The mode switch is located just to the left of the loading motor
    on the upper right corner of the chassis. The easiest way I have found to
    clean the switch is to take a sharp object (I use a dental pick) & pry the
    edge of the switch to where you can spray into the switch. (Have the power
    cord unplugged for this) You need to flood the switch as it's pretty hard to
    get to all the contacts inside the switch. Plug it back in & load a tape,
    cycle it through all the functions, play, ffwd, rew, etc. Hopefully this
    will fix the problem
  4. Or load switches or, more likely, supply or takeup phototransistors. Used to
    be a common problem.

    Mark Z.
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