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Q: Charging batteries

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by R Franklin, Nov 2, 2003.

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  1. R Franklin

    R Franklin Guest

    I have 6 car batteries linked up in series, each one connected pos to neg.
    This provides me with 72v.

    So far, every time I need to charge these with a car battery charger, I am
    having to disconnect the whole lot and do them all individually.

    Would I be able to just link up my charger to the whole lot as connected and
    leave them charging for longer?

    Alternatively, would it be possible to connect the terminals with diodes so
    that I can hook up the charge clips to each battery one at a time without
    having to remove them from the circuit?

    I don't know much about electronics. If I need to use diodes to do this,
    what sort would do - the motor they are powering is 72v 4KW.

    Cheers - Keith
  2. If the battery string is isolated from ground, and/or if the charger
    output is isolated, you can just clip the charger to one battery at a
    time with no modification. It might simplify things if the motor were
    off during the charging process.

  3. You don't need to disconnect them from the circuit when charging one by one.
    Only the motor must be disconnected. Then, just hook the charger to each one
    individually (without disconnecting from the rest). As long as the circuit
    is broken in one place (i.e., there is no load), there will be no problem.

    Not sure about charging the whole lot when in series... You'd need a special
    charger capable of producing 6 x the voltage of a standard charger.

  4. Or 6 identical chargers in series ...
  5. No - a car battery charger is designed to charge a 12 volt battery.
    It won't produce enough voltage to charge two or more batteries in
    series. It will, however, charge several batteries in parallel (all
    positive terminals connected together, and all negative terminals
    connected together).
    No diodes needed - just connect the charger's leads directly to the
    battery to be charged.

    You could charge all batteries simultaneously, using six chargers, one
    connected to each battery.
  6. the Wiz

    the Wiz Guest

    If you can turn the motor off long enough (10-12 hours), this unit would
    probably work:
    output 75 volts DC, 6.6 amps; input 110/220 volts AC; US $172

    More about me:
    VB3/VB6/NSBasic Palm/C/PowerBasic source code:
    Drivers for Pablo graphics tablet and JamCam cameras:
    johnecarter [email protected] mindspring com. Fix the obvious to reply by email.
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