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PWM dc motor speed controller that controll motor in both direction

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by mtech, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. mtech

    mtech Guest


    I need some PWM controller, that can controll motor to run in booth
    direction, best would be when potmeter is in middle that motor stands, and
    when we changing potmeter to each side so motor speed up in each side.

    I did allready do soemthing with H bridge but mosfet's died when I put load
    on it, I need smeting that could hand 10 or less A on 24V.


  2. mtech

    mtech Guest

    I did but they still fail, probably because opposite mosfet's get's some on
    gate because of inductance load.

    This was going from LM324 OP amp, I also did try to add tranzistors, looks
    better but still same. What is you're advice about driving it?
  3. mtech

    mtech Guest

  4. Just click one more on the Search button.

    One other thing: You'll need to be sure that under no circumstances the high
    and the low FET on the same side of the bridge conduct at the same time.
    This causes a short that may fry the FETs in a very short time. Commercial
    bridge drivers usually has a protection build in.

    petrus bitbyter
  5. Guest

    One thing to be aware of is that you can't drive your PWM to 100% if
    your high side drive
    is derived via a bootstrap cap on the output. ie IR2104 driver. The
    highside drive voltage will fall
    and your fet will start to go into it's linear region and get VERY
    hot before letting out the smoke :0)
    On an 8-bit pwm I've run up to 253 out of 255 (20KHz) no problem , so
    it's not as if you are loosing a lot of power
    because you can't run 100%

  6. Guest

    One thing to be aware of. If using a high side driver that uses a
    bootstrap cap from the output (ie: IR2104)
    you can't run your PWM to 100% If you do the output drive for the
    highside will fall away and your FET will
    start to be driven into it's linear region. Not a great idea if you
    want to keep the smoke inside!!
    I've run the PWM to 253 out of 255(8 bit) at 20Khz no problem.
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