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PV Array Configuration

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by sunnybouy60, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. sunnybouy60

    sunnybouy60 Guest

    Ok I'm sure you all are getting tired of the questions by now lol. Is there
    an advantage over setting up your PV panels for 48V and using a charge
    controller that can handle different PV array voltages to battery bank
    voltages like the Outback MX60?
  2. sunnybouy60

    sunnybouy60 Guest

    Are there inverters that can support multiple voltages so that when you
    would decide to upgrade from a 12v battery bank to say a 48v bank you
    wouldn't needed to replace the inverter?
  3. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

    Yes. Smaller wire, so the controller may pay for itself with that
    advantage alone. It also eliminates the possibility of array voltage
    dropping too close to battery voltage on hot days. And it adds
    flexibility in case the system is expanded in future. Besides, the
    MX60 is worth what it costs even if you use it with matched array and
    battery voltages.

  4. Me

    Me Guest

    Well, not really...this is why before you spend any of your hard earned
    cash, you give serious design consideration, to what you want for your
    complete system and what you can use as intermediary steps to get there.

    My system started with a Trace 2624 and 4, T16's. Then as I grew the
    system, and the 4024 can into production, I purchased one of the very
    early units, and added another string of L16's, and moved the 2624
    over to power my winter shop with a Pair of 8D's. If I had to it do
    over again, (now that I have over a decade of experience with my system)
    I would have purchased a 4048 instead of the 4024. The 2624 is still
    going strong at 18 years old, and the 4024 hasn't ever had problem one
    in it's whole operational life.

  5. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    Yep. MPPT controllers match up panel output to battery instead of
    dropping the extra volts.
  6. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    for a 12vdc battery system, you can't beat the AC DELCO 2500/5000 watt
    unit for $269. We run our house on one.
  7. sunnybouy60

    sunnybouy60 Guest

    I understand DJ but I'm not investing thousands in anything at the moment...
    I want to start with a good charge controller that I can build on and the
    least expensive inverter / battery bank I can afford at the moment knowing
    that both the inverter and batteries will be pretty much disposable when I
    upgrade the bank to 24 or 48V. So for 1 115 Watt PV panel I'm looking at
    around 500 bucks, the MX60 around 500 bucks. At this point in time this
    system doesn't have to be a do-or-die situation... I know it will produce
    very little useable energy but it's something that I've taken an interest in
    and I just want to "play" at this point but on the same hand I want to build
    around some basic components that will give me the flexability to upgrade in
    the future. Why invest 2k on a True Sine Wave 12V inverter that will last
    me for years when eventually I may go to 48V? This is all a learning
    experience for me and I'm trying to keep it simple in the beginning. I do
    however want decent basic components that will not require being replaced in
    order to upgrade the system.
  8. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

    The MX60 is $500US. Not at the place with the "presentation" and a
    lack of "lackeys", but most other places. :)

  9. sunnybouy60

    sunnybouy60 Guest

    I understand, and I won't be upset when it does go "poof" knowing that you
    get what you pay for. Like I said this is the "getting my feet wet" (well
    maybe not a good analogy when working with electricity lol) stage ...

  10. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    Bought it Oct. 2004, been running flawlessly ever since, from 11pm to
    8am daily. Keeps the fridge, fish tanks, water pump (1/2 hp gould jet
    pump), etc. running at night.
  11. George Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    It's funny the amount of insight you get about someone's system when
    they are given enough rope.

    Inverter = 9 hours a day.

    Guess that leaves the other fifteen to the generator.

    Still laughing.
  12. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

    I had one delivered to AZ and only got the truck and the box. Oh well,
    I didn't really need any more skids.
    A few days ago I compared two web sites, one with the MX60 front and
    center for $500, and Real Goods where one must search to find it for
    $650. That was interpreted as "bashing" by someone who posted about
    the great system price and presentation he got from RG, and how they
    don't employ "$15 an hour lackeys". Lucky for him everybody who reads
    Usenet makes more than 15 bucks, so he doesn't have to worry about a
    lacerated lackey leaving a loogie in his linguine. Anyway, the moral
    of the story is: next time you order artlessly-stacked items, don't
    forget to ask the distributor for a lack-of-presentation discount. :)

  13. George Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    He has also claimed that he has solar power a solar power system.

    He has denied the fact that what he really has is a generator system
    with solar boost.

    In fact, to date, it would seem that he has at least several different
    descriptions for his system.

    To read some of his posts you would think that he was running a state of
    the art solar power system with a small gen backup.

    Now it comes out that, in his own words:
    So either the generator starts at 8am or he turns off the fridge, the
    fish and pump for 15 Hours a day.

    It raises some questions.

    If the generator is running for 15 hours a day why the solar boost?
    Surely the generator is running his battery charger.

    If he does not have the charger running when the gen set is running, why

    Oh well. I've had my laugh for the day. Perhaps he will come clean and
    make a true assessment of his system. His continual spread of
    misinformation does nothing for the promotion of renewable energy.
  14. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

    Yes, and just like Steve, George gets the bulk of his own home energy
    from fuel burning, something like 90% as I recall. The difference is
    that Steve gets his fuel cheap while Sherlock Ghio pays full price.
    Gotta' love that math as well, apparently George is now so full of
    spite that he can no longer imagine even a single hour without energy

  15. George Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    Suspect number one still having trouble with figures not to mention the

  16. On the other hand, the equipment left over after an upgrade,
    could be used on a separate system. For example, you might
    increase your main house voltage, and then put 12-volt items
    (like an inverter) over in a separate tool shed, or in a
  17. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    Exactly. Why the laughing? The fuel is virtually free, and I'm heating
    the greenhouse. It's a cogen application.
  18. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    He's trying to make people think he's all knowing and all important.
    Never fools anybody, but he keeps trying.
  19. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    I have 90 watts of PV. I've stated this often. I had that before I had
    the veggiegen.
    I never denied this.
    depends on what components I'm discussing. Nothing contradictory.
    That's your problem with comprehension then, I never said that. I've
    even posted pics of the complete system. You are just lying as usual.
    gen starts at 8am.
    not really. maybe in your limited thinking.
    because I had the solar before I found the generator.
    but I do, a 40 amp 3 stage unit.
    so have we, thank you for the opportunity.

    Perhaps he will come clean and
    I've done that for quite a few years.

    His continual spread of
    I've never spread any misinformation.
  20. George Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    Yep. Ya gotta laugh.

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