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Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by JESSD, Jan 28, 2004.

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  1. JESSD

    JESSD Guest

    anyone know where to find a plastic or metal actuator for a front
    panel push button for home theater equipment. I wanted to use a fancy
    button actuator that presses against a simple tact switch. Seems like
    all the consumer products out there use custom molded front panel
    buttons. I don't want to pay for custom molding since I need about
    250 buttons to start. I also don't like the look of the panel mount
    pushbutton assemblies, too industrial looking.

    Any ideas or sources?

  2. Quack

    Quack Guest

    Is this a once-off make, or something you will make lots of ?

    I get custom-made membrane keypads made for jobs with atleast 10 units
    that need to look nice.

    Membrane keypads can be very nice for front panels - you can get the
    printed with graphics, lots of colors, LCD windows, inbuilt led's etc.

    decoding these in your device shouldnt be too difficult. Depending on
    your circuit needs, they dont even need to be matrix'ed.

    The prices range from about 10pounds to 25pounds per keypad (at qty's
    of 20) depending on size and other requirements, led's, windows,
    graphics etc. Atleast this is what i paid.
    There is always an initial setup cost involved for them to setup their

  3. JESSD

    JESSD Guest

    There is actually only 1 button on the front panel, but I'm making a
    couple hundred total front panels. I think a membrane keypad is a
    little overkill. I just want a inexpensive tact switch with nice
    looking button cap that isn't industrial looking.
  4. becki

    becki Guest

    If you are looking for membrane keyboards then the company i work for
    buys them from IGT Industries if its any help. The web site is The site is a bit crap but they are a good
    company to deal with. They do all sorts so theymight well be able to
    help you. Dont know if its any help.
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