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Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Google Vasiliou, Jun 4, 2004.

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  1. Dear All

    I need your help on the following issue.

    I have to construct a Class AB - push pull amplifier with MOSFET
    Amplifier should be able to provide 21Watt output power (10.5
    Watt RMS) at 8 ohm load (i.e speaker) .
    The circuit suppose to be able to amplify input signal from 1 Vrms at
    a range of 10 Hz to 40 KHz .

    1) Vdc should not exceed 50 Volts
    2) Dc Current not to exceed 2 Amperes.
    3) Construction of Amplifier should be with MOSFET , even if we can find
    easier ways!

    Your opinion would be reall help for me .


    George Vasiliou
    email :
  2. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    Homework assignment?

  3. As a matter of fact yes , School Exercise .
    Life of Working sutdents is more complicated.
    Analogue Electronics lesson , in a PC oriented class....


    george Vasiliou
  4. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    You might try a couple of the following links. Examples and explanations are
    shown there.

    This one isn't quite what you want, but he talks about some of the design

    This one is a bit over-powered for your needs, and he doesn't give all the
    details, but he covers a lot of good theory:
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