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Pure Tempus 1 DAB no sound or backlight

Discussion in 'Radio and Wireless' started by liamo37, Oct 29, 2019.

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  1. liamo37


    Oct 29, 2019

    I have been asked to try and fix a pure tempus dab radio. The radio powers up but there is no backlight and no sound from speakers or through the headphone socket. There is a low hiss from the speaker but this doesn't alter when turning volume up and down.

    One of the capacitors has a bulge in it and I was wondering if this could be the culprit for both faults or is there something else.

    Thank you tempus 1 a.jpg tempus 1 b.jpg tempus 1 c.jpg
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  2. majoco


    Nov 10, 2019
    It would help if we knew where you're located as DAB is not a worldwide system.
  3. liamo37


    Oct 29, 2019
    I am in the UK.
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