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Public School's Computer Labs Underfunded

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Baphomet, Nov 8, 2003.

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  1. I don't take my laptop to meetings unless I'm presenting. Having
    survived many generations of meeting-paraphanelia, laptops are a
    real boon to productivity. ...and no, I don't mean slick
    PowerPoint presentations.
    You're telling me that *everyone* in all meetings had relevance
    100% of the time? I don't do meetings unless I must, but I have
    perhaps 10% of the floor-time. The rest of the time I'm
    listening, and most of that has nothing to do with me. Being
    productive during that time would be good, though I find clicking
    to be rude.
    How about carrying the laptop to the lab and working with the
    same tools? Then there is the hotel room, home, and any number
    of other situations where one wants the same environment. Indeed
    my work laptop had close to $100K worth of single-system licensed
    software in it. It sure was nice to take that on the road to the
    You're being silly! Teleconferencing is certainly more
    productive than flying back and forth to Germany every week!
    Sometimes teleconferencing is the only way to fly! ;-)
    Wow! Have you checked the productivity numbers recently?
    There is a lot of that, however real engineers do make use of
    technology. meetings even! What I find amazing is the
    lack of video projectors in our conference rooms. THese are as
    much as a productivity enhancement as transparencies were over
    pens-n-flipcharts thirty years ago.

    Perhaps you're really a Luddite?
  2. Baphomet

    Baphomet Guest

    Steve -

    Sounds like your a proponent of Mao and his Cultural Revolution to wit -
    send the elites back to the farms for humility training ;-) That being said,
    I agree with much of what you have to say in there being a shocking scarcity
    of real world knowledge of much of the population. In American, the average
    person can't even change a fuse. However, I don't believe learning computers
    and real world experience and or fundamentals are mutually exclusive.
  3. training ;-)
    Nonesense, not at all, you have misunderstood. While "elites"
    MIGHT benefit from that, I don't think it's important at all,
    not in technology, NOR even in my own politics, which you might
    be interested to know:
    Merely requiring the rich stop stealing and divest themselves of
    their ill-gotten gain to an egalitarian "earned via labor" level
    of wealth on penalty of death for non-compoiance, is perfectly
    sufficient to me.

    I see NO need to "re-educate" them unless they resist divesting
    their wealth, and then they might as well be enslaved for life
    in prisoner work groups, or killed outright without delay.

    There is no problem with true "elites", those who have developed
    their genuinely useful talents, if they don't indulge in the
    theft of other people's labor hours and other people's producticity.

    Technologically, it's just that teaching people to "drive" cars
    is not anywhere NEAR as important as teaching them to "fix" cars
    or to "design" cars, or to innovate new engines and new means of

    Likewise, being taught to use Photoshop is NOT a worthy pursuit
    for higher education. Learning to WRITE such software IS, but
    the mere use of a premanufactured software tool is NOT! It is
    relatively juvenile and can be learned off websites or by practice
    as needed.

    No, but people who learn in fields in which we really need such talent
    developed, can learn Photoshop on their own, and those less talented
    can on their own, if that's what they need to do.

    We need lots less meaningless advertisement trying to sell schlock in
    this country, and far more people being trained NOT TO MERELY STRIVE
    TO SELL SCHLOCK!! Vying to merely sell things, rather than make enough
    high quality things so they DON'T EVEN HAVE to be sold to JUST a few,
    selectively by their unearned wealth, is an unworthy task for humans.

  4. There was a lot of that going around.
    You wouldn't remember the name of the simulator?
    Reminds my of the simulators I used 30 years ago. We had a
    program (script, actually) called "shuffle" that would literally
    shuffle the input deck when the silly simulator wouldn't
    converge. Sometimes we had to put a phantom component into the
    circuit to give it a kick so it would converge. Mainframe time
    was a scarce and wasting a CPU-hour on a design that refused to
    converge wasn't very productive.

    I haven't heard about convergence problems for years though.
  5. Ratch

    Ratch Guest

    Gee whiz, RSW. Isn't there room in your world for people become super
    rich through talent, skill, hard work and even luck? Take Henry Ford for
    instance. As far as I know, he did not steal from his employees or
    customers. He created a lot of well paying jobs for a lot of workers who
    were glad to do what he wanted done. And his customers were glad to buy
    what they made. And the government was happy to collect taxes on the whole
    operation. In other words, he created wealth. What's wrong with that? You
    want to execute HF for doing that? And in a previous post you said that you
    think a person who deliberately runs a stop sign should be executed also.
    Isn't there a middle ground for imposing punishments? I mean, what would
    you do for some really horrific crimes like murder, espionage, rape, etc?
    Some day when dreams come true--Walt Disney. Ratch
  6. -------------------
    Neither talent, skill, or hard work will produce wealth in the sense
    the term is meant. One might prosper fairly but not become wealthy.
    And Luck, when it turns someone's life to shit, is what we prevent
    using modern technology both of science and of law, and is NOT
    something to be permitted. And when one becomes wealthy or even
    prospers due to luck, it is ALWAYS the result of someone else's
    life turning to shit from the same unfair cause, and thus must be
    prevented by the invention called "civilization". Civilization is
    what we invented so that leopards didn't eat us one at a time, we
    stuck together and shared the outcome, so that it never weighed too
    hard on any one of us, it is what made us chief species on this rock.

    Of course he did or he never could have become wealthy. It was simply
    CALLED something else by this society because it was being controlled
    by bandit-lords. He earned more per hour than his workers, that means
    he was stealing, because inequitable wage per hour is unfair and
    inhumane, as everyone knows in their heart of hearts. Our hours upon
    the earth are of the same worth, because no one is fit to decide whose
    hour of life is worth less than another's, no matter how much he would
    wish it to be so for his own gain, or wish it not to be so for his own

    "He" didn't, circumstances did. Someone would have if he did not, or
    if no one person then the society would have done so, it was its time,
    nothing more. He got to claim he did because he was a lucky rich thief,
    and for no other reason.

    What the workers made.

    No, the workers did. Wealth is created by labor, nothing else.
    Gambling doesn't produce wealth, and that, in effect, was all
    that he did, when he wasn't actually working assembling his
    own autos. When he was actually working he deserved an equal
    hourly wage, when he was not, he did NOT come to deserve a
    single thing!

    Gambling is immoral and should be illegal.

    No, but only because he's already dead, it would be redundant.

    There need not be any, all it does is motivate criminals to weigh
    the chance of getting caught and then commit crimes on that basis.
    If something is to be illegal make it so fucking illegal that NO
    one will EVER DARE to even TRY to do it EVEN when NO ONE IS LOOKING!
    Or else why should we fucking even bother at all???? The Law is NOT
    A GAME! Life is NOT A GAME!

    Prolonged and medically sustained torture-death taking weeks of
    shrieking, and done by automated machines. Televise it once in a
    while, or present it for entertainment at sporting events.

    "You may say I'm a dreamer,
    But I'm not the only one.
    I hope someday you'll join us,
    and the world will live as one"
    - John Lennon

    You see, I believe that human life is perfectable by the sufficient
    application of the right laws, and the elimination of criminals
    and other social bullies by execution, and by enslavement by medical
    and computer technology. I don't believe humans can be perfected
    any other way, NOR THAT THEY EVEN NEED TO BE, so lets get one with
    it and have a fair and decent society without even trying to perfect
    individuals in and of themselves. There's no NEED to do so, nor to
    even try. Law and Order is entirely sufficient to perfect human life
    and bring about Heaven for us right here. So LET'S DO IT!!!

    In the case of world terrorism, for example, simply threaten to
    evaporate all Palestinians by nuclear and chemical weapons if there
    are ANY more suicide bombings, and then give them all guns to kill
    their own terrorists with, and if they cannot take power in an hour,
    just nuke them or gas them all to death, no more screwing around!!

    There are enough of them that if all given guns they can inventory
    their own terrorists together and execute them all in an hour, or
    all die trying to do so till our thermonuclear death sentence falls
    from space.

    No more apologies, no more mercy for the inhuman animals of this
    world!! Let the word go out, behave or die horribly and soon!

  7. Dennis Clark

    Dennis Clark Guest


    "The world is controlled by a small group of men to which no one I know
    belongs." Ain't life a bitch!

    The majority of people are sheep, the few wolves out there get rich, the
    few that are neither wolves nor sheep simply do well enough, and like dogs
    on the porch, are content with what life passes their way. I think I fit
    into the third catagory.

  8. --------------------
    Don't bitch! Just Kill them.

    Characterizing those who want to improve the world as
    whiners is merely the tactic of the lying thieves we're
    destined to eliminate.

    All wolves fancy they're porch dogs, and they all lie.
    Just Kill them. All of them.

    Sheep are nice, everyone who thinks he isn't a sheep, is.
    Everyone who thinks he's wolf is just deluded lunch.

    Everyone who tells us he's really just a porch dog who's stealing
    just because everyone else is stealing too, is just a fucking lying
    wolf who should be shot through the head and left for the garbage.

  9. CWatters wrote:

    That effect is seen quite often, if you give the disruptive kid some
    responisbility and they miracously change.

    I used to give lectures an AIDS awareness to school classes, using a
    slide projector (more than 10 years back now). I always asked the
    biggest rufian in the last row to do the projection. Worked like a
    charm, not only did they not disrupt, they actually listend!
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