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PTZ Dome Recommendations

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected], Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I am looking to install an exterior PTZ camera to view a parking lot.
    I am new to the CCTV side so I would appreciate any advice concerning
    reliable PTZs. I am currently looking at the Bosch Autodome 300 and
    the Pelco Spectra IV series. Any recommendations on manufacturers?

    Also, has anyone had issues using Cat5e for the RS432? Thank you for
    any input.
  2. Cat5 should be fine for your RS485, normally I use a 4-Core Screened
    belden type cable for simplicity (power and data on the one cable, and I
    have it for other tasks as well you see). Depends on length really to be

    Alex Threlfall
    Cyberprog New Media
    tel - 0870 446 0789
    fax - 0870 446 1789
  3. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    I have used Pelco Spectra II and Pelco Spectra III. They are ok, with some
    of the older ones seeming to hold up a little better than the newer ones.
    Indoor installations seem to have almost no problems. I have not used the
    Bosch Autodomes, but there are some guys here who will swear by them.

    I'm getting ready to install several of the Spectra IV domes in specialty
    indoor application. We shalls ee how they hold up, but like I said, I've
    had almost no problems with any of the indoor applications.

    I think for outdoor applications I may spring the extra money (if the
    customer will pay for it) to try the pressurized domes next time around.

    Not sure what RS432 is. I'm pretty sure the Pelco Spectra Domes all use
    RS422. Some other domes use RS485. I have not had any issue with upto
    1500' combined length controlling Spectra II domes over 18ga Shielded with
    drain grounded at the recorder. One thing to bear in mind that might make
    your life easier. Spectra Domes can be controlled over the coax (coaxitron)
    also without using a seperate RS422 communication pair. Some DVRs support
    this control directly. Some only support a limited set of the commands over
    coaxitron. Its worth asking, and may save you some headaches.

    Bob La Londe
  4. Guest

    Thank you all for the input. Sorry about the typo, I meant RS485.
    Since there is a DM Sprite 2 already I was planning on using the DM
    remote keyboard.

    Are there other domes at the same level of quality that we should be
  5. Matt Ion

    Matt Ion Guest

    I've installed a number of Spectra IIIs, they're good units; I hear the
    Spectra IVs are a good step up, but I've not used one yet.

    I'd suggest running a single piece of Cat5e to the camera and using
    baluns to run control, video AND power over a single line - for example. If you're
    using PTZ systems that use Coaxitron protocol (control signal is fed
    over the coax) you can use a solution like this:

    It costs a little more this way, but it's a hulluva lot simpler than
    pulling multiple wires of different types... plus, you then already have
    Cat5e in place if you ever upgrade to IP cameras later.
  6. Whoops, meant RS485...
    Alex Threlfall
    Cyberprog New Media
    tel - 0870 446 0789
    fax - 0870 446 1789
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