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PTC Thermistor heater for diesel filer ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    I want to build a 12v PTC thermistor heater to warm the diesel fuel
    filter( self regulating to 150-160F ) on an old Ford truck I have . I
    think about 300 watts would be enough . I need some how-to advice and
    sources for parts . - Thanks
  2. I read in that wrote (in
    Where will you get the necessary 25 A from, for long enough?
  3. Guest

    I will put it on a separate circuit on 10-12 ga wire fused at the
    battery with a relay connected to the key switch .
  4. R

    R Guest

    wrote in
    150F seems excessive.

  5. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Guest

    May I suggest you run it from a second starter solenoid, and run
    that solenoid from a timer. Reset the timer when the car is running.
  6. Guest

    I plan to run a diesel / veg oil at some point in time and need those
    temps to prevent gelling.

    150F seems excessive.
  7. legg

    legg Guest

    There are bimetalic switches rated at 16A, that can regulate as low as
    70C +/- 5deg available from Cantherm.

    PTC heating elements aimed at 70C are pretty rare, particularly at the
    lower voltage. Automotive crankcase and block heaters aim to keep
    things barely above zero, and are standardly mains-supplied, for use
    when vehcles are parked. 24V heaters (for truck battery systems) are
    fairly common, but again are aimed at lower temperatures.

    Because PTC characteristics are not ideal, the regulated temperature
    will depend largely on the energy absorbed. PTCs are better
    characterized as constant power dissipators, rather than ambient
    temperature regulators, if the system is not closed.

    (almost) commodity eavestroughs and pipes -

    biomedical assemblies

    A discrete sensor and heater might offer better versatility, while the
    ptc elements and hardware are researched.

  8. Mac

    Mac Guest

    300 Watts sounds like a lot to me, assuming you insulate the filter. (You
    are going to insulate the filter, aren't you?)

    Also, 150 F sounds kind of hot. Maybe you can add something else to the
    fuel so that you don't need to maintain so high a temperature. (Ethanol?

    A lot of people are running diesel engines off of discarded deep-fry
    oil nowadays, so I'm sure there are some good solutions out there
    on the internet.

  9. Guest

    Yes I am plaining insulate the filter . Most of my internet "research"
    has revealled recommendations of a an optimum filter fuel l
    temperature of 150-180 for vegetable oil (WVO, SVO ). I was hoping
    that the PTC solution would but it sounds like they won't and I " A
    discrete sensor and heater might offer better versatility ( eg glow
    plug heater with furnace type - snap disc limit switch ) , while the
    ptc elements and hardware are researched. But There some 12 v higher
    temperature PTC s do exist out there ( used 12 volt coffee mugs etc ,
    like those here - , so I am still
    interested in the PTC method .
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