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psu 800vdc

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by cyril, Sep 24, 2003.

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  1. cyril

    cyril Guest

    i am looking for schematic to build a inverter to provide around
    800Vdc few mA from 9-12V batteries.
    Any info will be wlecome.
  2. If a "few mA" means something like 5mA then your power output is fairly
    small. As such probably the simplest solution (in the sense it wouldn't
    require custom transformers) would be a discontinuous conduction mode boost
    converter. Normally boost converters aren't very well suited to very high
    voltage step up ratios (since the loop gain goes to near infinity for very
    large duty cycles in continuous conduction mode), but for low power output
    levels a large step up voltage can still be accommodated in discontinuous
    conduction mode.

    You will need a high voltage MOSFET (800V+) and a good diode. The UF4007
    would likely be appropriate. The boost inductor would need to have
    insulation capable of withstanding greater than 800V.

    What kind of battery are we talking about here? If by "9V" you mean "9V"
    alkaline battery, then the problem gets a whole lot more complicated since
    4W + inefficiency or so would be a rather large load for such a pitiful
    battery. What kind of output regulation and efficiency do you need? If you
    don't need good regulation, and can tolerate some power loss perhaps you
    could just use an 800V MOSFET and let it avalanche to perform the "voltage
    regulation" function (the MOSFET would need a small heatsink to dissipate
    the extra power). As such the problem becomes much simpler since it could
    operate without closed loop control. All you would need is a fixed
    frequency fixed duty cycle oscillator driving your gate.
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