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pspice -> ngspice conversion

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by lambchops511, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. lambchops511


    Oct 10, 2011
    Hi All,

    I am trying to port an existing PSPICE model (the HP Memristor Model) to ngspice... is there an absolute value function for ngspice?

    Original PSPICE Model:
    .SUBCKT modelmemristor plus minus PARAMS: +phio=0.95 Lm=0.0998 w1=0.1261 foff=3.5e-6 +ioff=115e-6 aoff=1.2 fon=40e-6 ion=8.9e-6 +aon=1.8 b=500e-6 wc=107e-3

    G1 plus internal value={sgn(V(x))*(1/V(dw))^2*0.0617* (V(phiI)*exp(-V(B)*V(sr))-(V(phiI)+abs(V(x)))* exp(-V(B)*V(sr2)))}
    Esr sr 0 value={sqrt(V(phiI))}

    Esr2 sr2 0 value={sqrt(V(phiI)+abs(V(x)))} Rs internal minus 215
    Eg x 0 value={V(plus)-V(internal)} Elamda Lmda 0 value={Lm/V(w)}

    Ew2 w2 0 value={w1+V(w)- (0.9183/(2.85+4*V(Lmda)-2*abs(V(x))))}
    EDw dw 0 value={V(w2)-w1}
    EB B 0 value={10.246*V(dw)}
    ER R 0 value={(V(w2)/w1)*(V(w)-w1)/(V(w)-V(w2))} EphiI phiI 0 value= {phio-abs(V(x))*((w1+V(w2))/(2*V(w)))- 1.15*V(Lmda)*V(w)*log(V(R))/V(dw)}
    C1 w 0 1e-9 IC=1.2
    R w 0 1e8MEG
    Ec c 0 value={abs(V(internal)-V(minus))/215}
    Emon1 mon1 0 value={((V(w)-aoff)/wc)-(V(c)/b)} Emon2 mon2 0 value={(aon-V(w))/wc-(V(c)/b)}
    Goff 0 w value={foff*sinh(stp(V(x))*V(c)/ioff)* exp(-exp(V(mon1))-V(w)/wc)}
    Gon w 0 value={fon*sinh(stp(-V(x))*V(c)/ion)* exp(-exp(V(mon2))-V(w)/wc)}
    .ENDS modelmemristor
  2. ickebrennbart


    Oct 5, 2012

    I am actually sitting at the same problem right now.
    You probably found out by now, but there is an abs function. It is described in the ngspice user manual by Nenzi and Vogt.

    However, did you succeed to run this memristor model in ngspice? If so, I would appreciate any kind of help.

    What I dont get at the moment is what to do with this "x" in "G1 plus internal value={sgn(V(x))*...". In my case ngspice is complaining about this as an unknown number.

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