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Pspice model help (AD712JR)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Rich Wilner, Jan 6, 2004.

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  1. Rich Wilner

    Rich Wilner Guest

    hi all--
    I am trying to simulate an input signal conditioning circuit based
    around an AD712JR dual opamp; the circuit is to provide protection for
    the analog input stage of a DSP engine. I found a Spice macromodel
    on analog devices' webpage for the AD712J. Does anyone know the
    difference between the AD712J and the AD712JR? Alternatively, does
    anyone know of a potential suitable substitute for the AD712JR that
    has a readily available Pspice model? (of course this will depend on
    the circuit implementation.)
    Also, I found a document on TIs webpage detailing how to implement a
    Spice macromodel (in text format) in a Pspice environment. Does
    anyone have any experience with this? Anything I should look out for
    in particular?
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