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PSpice Capture Project Name Change

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Bob Penoyer, May 25, 2005.

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  1. Bob Penoyer

    Bob Penoyer Guest

    What is the best method for changing the names of project and other
    files under Capture?

    When I create a new project, I like to create a folder with an
    appropriate name and put all of the new project's files in that
    folder. I might create a project called ABC and save it in the folder.
    As a result, a lot of the files created by Capture have ABC in their

    When I want to make major changes to the project, I copy the whole
    folder to a new folder so, if things go wrong, I can fall back on the
    previous version. After a while, as things are added and removed from
    the design, the nature of the design might change. Or, I might want to
    base a new project on the existing design. So I might want to change
    the project's name to XYZ. But all of the other files still have ABC
    in their names. Attempting to change the name has caused me a lot of
    headaches. Is there a good way to go about such a name change?
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