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PS2 Freezing

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Martin, Nov 17, 2004.

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  1. Martin

    Martin Guest

    Anyone in here with knowledge/experience repairing Sony Playstation 2????

    Looking for some help or advice from experience. I have searched the web
    and found numerous hits on this subject, but it seems there is differing
    opinions regarding the subject!

    Regarding a PS2 console - SCPH-30002R. It was given to me after someone
    blew up the power supply, but apparently it was working OK before this. I
    have since replaced the power supply module and got the console working
    again, however it is freezing during games (so far only tested it using two
    PS2 DVD games).

    I have dusted out the console and cleaned the laser lens, etc.

    The console seems to work - but with the games I have tested it with it will
    freeze at certain times, yet plays fine otherwise. It seems to freeze at
    the same (or close to same) point each time, sometimes during play but
    usually when loading the next scene.... The DVD's themselves are fairly
    undamaged and clean (my first thought was the disc its-self).

    Does any of this make sense? Anyone else had similar problems? There is no
    disc read error showing up - it just gets to a certain point and freezes,
    sometimes this is at the very start of a game, other times it is partway
    through a game, but always in the same spots (i.e. I can restart the console
    and get the same problem again at around the same spot in the game)....

    I am wondering if this may be a faulty laser module or something else, but
    naturally I don't want to part with $90 or so for a new laser just to find
    out later that there is a known fault elsewhere!!

    And before anyone suggests - I have posted this to PS2 newsgroups but so far
    no reply, and there always seems to be so many knowledgable experts in here!

  2. ZForce

    ZForce Guest

    Try a PS2 or PS1 cd game. Usually the DVD laser is the first to go in PS2's.
    The lasers are really only good for a few years and then they pack it in,
    same with the XBOX as well. Cheaply made.

    But one cause could be the laser drive gear setup, on the side of the laser
    there is a little bit of white plastic, sometimes it looses tension on the
    worm gear it sits on and causes it to slip, you could try taking the laser
    out, cleaning the underside of the plastic bit with metho, and bending the
    white tab down a bit, its malleable plastic so you wont snap it unless your
    very rough.

    Does it make a tick tick tick sound when it locks up? Like the laser trying
    to re focus?

    Other than that, if you remove the laser, on the underside there are 2 pots,
    one adjusts the CD laser power and the other adjusts the DVD laser power.
    Turn the DVD one a fraction ( I believe its the one on the right, when you
    have the ribbon connector facing towards you) , 1/8th of a turn or so, it
    might solve the freezing issue. But be warned, the pots increase current to
    the laser diode itself shortening its lifespan. Baby steps.

    Be careful, each PS2 model had 2 different types of lasers in them and they
    are not interchangeable.
  3. Martin

    Martin Guest

    Thanks for the response...

    I've run a PS1 CD game through without any problems at all. I'll try a DVD
    movie and see how that goes, but obviously it has something to do with the
    DVD side of things....
    No, no such sound when it freezes. I'm actually wondering if it is freezing
    when it transitions between the DVD layers - are PS2 DVD games using
    multiple layers on the DVD?? It would explain a lot as it can play up to
    certain points in some games, yet freezes trying to load the first part of
    others. Even on the same game DVD - where you have multiple options at the
    start which 'campaign' you wish to join, if you pick some it will play fine
    to a point then freeze, yet if you pick others it will freeze loading the
    first scenes... And, you can repeat the problem - reset and start again and
    it will freeze in the exact same spot again..
    Hmm, wonder if this will solve anything? It definately seems to be a
    problem reading DVD's, yet not a total read error! Like I said earlier - as
    if it faults when changing layers - like some older DVD players use to
    briefly freeze at certain points in a movie, except the console freezes and
    stays frozen...

    Hmm, I can get spare parts if I can ID the part needed - if I need a new
    laser then I guess I'll have to try and determine the exact one I need
    first!!! Thanks for the warning...
  4. Martin

    Martin Guest

    Just an update here - I've run a couple of DVD movies through the console
    without problems. I would've thought that if the DVD laser was at fault
    there would also be errors playing a DVD movie??

    So, to summarise the problems so far:

    PS1 CD games play fine.

    DVD movies play fine.

    PS2 DVD games will sometimes play OK but will freeze & lockup at certain
    points. Sometimes this will be part way through a game, other times in
    games that allow you tp select different start scenario's it will start OK
    on some selections, yet freeze on other selections.

    Problem can be reproduced time after time, freezing in about the same spot
    each time.

    Any thoughts or suggestions??? Does this still sound like the DVD laser, or
    alignment, or maybe even a driver problem?

  5. ZForce

    ZForce Guest

    The data is read of the DVD at a higher speed than a video DVD, therefore
    more prone to errors.

    Tried different games? also the platinum games are absolute crap, they are
    hard to read at the best of times, so make sure your not testing with one of
    those type of game disks.

    It sounds like its reading quite well actually, i have seen far worse, so if
    your using a platinum game, change it for something else, apart from that,
    it sounds like a laser tweak is in order. Alignment or power, or maybe both.
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