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PROVIEW PRO-910 (Model 986M) monitor problem- click-click-click

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Don Winn, Nov 15, 2003.

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  1. Don Winn

    Don Winn Guest

    I have a PRO-910 with what appears to be a low voltage problem. If I power the
    monitor up without video, it powers up fine and I can hear the high voltage
    coming up and a delayed single click.. The front power switch will not turn the
    unit off. If I plug it into a VGA video source, the HV supply shuts down and I
    can now power the monitor off with the front switch. When I power it back on
    with the video still applied, all I hear is the HV coming up, the power LED
    lights and 1 second later the VH goes away and it starts clicking a relay on
    the main PWB. Removing the video source by removing the video cable or turning
    the computer off will allow HV to return and clicking stops.

    Has anyone see a similar problem or know of a source for the schematic for the
    Model 986M? It's a nice monitor and I would like to get this one going again.

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