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Protron LCD TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Stephen Rush, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Stephen Rush

    Stephen Rush Guest

    Anybody know where I can find service data? No local (Atlanta, GA) shop
    seems to know this brand. The unit shuts down immediately on powerup. A
    call to the number in the back of the owner's manual, which promises
    in-home service in warranty, elicits a denial that they do in-home
    service. They also can't supply the name of an authorize repair agent
    anywhere in my state, so I would have to package this 32-inch flat panel
    TV for shipment and pay the freight. Exactly where I should ship it to
    wasn't mentioned. My wife bought the set on impulse from Shop NBC, and it
    looks like she made an expensive mistake.

    I've looked around for the power supply, marked FSP232-4M01, and come up
    empty. There is a site for FSP Group, Inc., which lists some units with
    model numbers of the same format, but none with the specs on mine:
    +24V, 5.5A
    +16V, 5.5A
    +24V (fan), 0.25A
    +5V, 1.2A

    The fan output is unused; nothing connected to that header.
  2. whammo

    whammo Guest

    You still have time to send it back to ShopNBC, not for the moneyback
    guarantee, but for the one year warranty.

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