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Protel98 and PLDs

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Sticks, Oct 28, 2004.

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  1. Sticks

    Sticks Guest

    Hi All ,

    Has anyone had any experience in designing a PLD directly from a
    diagram using Protel 98 .....
    Have used Protel for schematics and autorouting creating footprints etc
    and in the process of trying to learn more in the sch/pld area
    Libraries provided for PLDs and symbols seem to be a bit light on .

    I was able to design PLD from an example schematic given , also to
    another although extremely simple logic with a couple of AND gates
    just to see if i could get it to work.

    Any ideas or pointers to some online help would be appreciated
    or are later Protel versions more efficient in this area .

  2. Alex Gibson

    Alex Gibson Guest

    What pld are you using ?

    pla, pal, cpld, fpga ?

    Which manufacturer ?

    Does the manufacturer of the pld provide free software ?

    If its an older pld can you use one of the free software packages ?

  3. Sticks

    Sticks Guest

    Using GAL20V8A and possibly PAL series
    , have no problems using WINCUPL to write code and then
    program the chip , but i am trying to basically do the
    same but directly designing from a schematic diagram
    in Protel , they have been using ORCAD but i think
    thats a bit outdated and besides i have not used it before
  4. Ken Smith

    Ken Smith Guest

    I like the ICT-Place program and their PEEL22CV10Z (or somehting like
    that). The program is the easiest to use I've ever run into. The DOS
    version was better than the new Windoz version. For some silly reason
    they left the text search out of the Windoz version.

    Unlike other programs, you click on the picture of the macro-cell until it
    lookes like the type of circuit you want. Once you've got the right sort
    of flip-flop, you then write the equations for what goes in.
  5. I find that the schematic library for PLD that came with the Protel 98
    really limited and ended up writing it in CUPL to make it work in the end.
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