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Protel quick question

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Ivan, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. Ivan

    Ivan Guest

    If a Top Overlay (component outline) track runs through a padstack or
    or a Top Layer pad, will this cause any Gerber or production problems?


  2. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Component outlines are merely visual guides.
    So far, all of them seem to be larger than the actual parts,
    especially for resistors and capacitors.
    It seems the larger the part, the closer he outline given is to the
    actual part outline.
    In one case, i overlapped resistor outlines and then ran a trace
    between the resistors.
    The only time outlines might be used in a gerber, is for a
    silk-screen part layout guide.
    And i personally do not think it worthwhile, as the pick-and-place
    files, combined with the BOM file cover that very well.
    It is not like some junior tech that is going to bend a chassis,
    punch it out, put in the tube sockets, and sit down, cut wires, add 90
    degree bends, make cable harnesses, and solder them to tube sockets
    (1920-1940s type construction).
  3. Ivan

    Ivan Guest

    Thank you. I appreciate your attention. Your reply is always welcome
    and appreciated. I will follow suit.

  4. nospam

    nospam Guest

    Yes. Pads partly covered by silkscreened annotation do not solder well.

    I think Protel can be set up to warn you with a design rule, Camtastic may
    be able to automatically fix the problem at gerber level.

    Your board house may also fix the problem but won't be happy that they had
  5. The gold star goes to "nospam".

    As mentioned by nospam, silkscreen (epoxy ink) on your pads
    can be very detrimental to the integrity of your solder joints.
    Normal practice is to clear the silkscreen (overlay) from the
    pads by a minimum of 5mils for most modern fabrication houses.
    It could be more for the lower end and hobbyist fabricators (10 -
    15 mils). As 'nospam' also mentioned most fabricators can and
    will clear the silkscreen from pads for you, there may be a
    nominal/minimal additional charge for this service. Just be sure
    to ask them specifically for this if you need it done to your
    board, otherwise it may be hit/miss whether they do it on their
    own accord.
  6. Ivan

    Ivan Guest

    Again, Thanks one and all for sharing your expertise.

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