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Protel netlist outputs

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Ivan, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. Ivan

    Ivan Guest

    My boss wants to proof circuits with component/net netlists in a
    condensed readable fashion, however Protel 2004 only produces one, as
    far as I can see, and he doesn't like the format.

    Can I generate a different ascii netlist format?

  2. Ivan,
    Will your boss sign off on a schematic? Once the schematic is
    checked and signed off, output the netlist and read it into the
    PCB, during the input process generate a report of the netlist
    input changes, voila you have a discrepancies report. (works well
    in P99SE, not sure the equivalent report generation of a netlist
    input exists in DXP).
  3. Protel 2004 doesn't use netlists anymore so its no wonder you can't get one.
    It will of course export 6 or 7 different formats including VHDL and Protel
    format 1.0

  4. Simon,
    Export 6 or 7 different formats of what?
    It has to be a change or netlist of some sorts if it will
    transfer changes and differences to a PCB file from a schematic!
    If there are no changes carried over from the schematic to the
    PCB, then the board is electrically correct, a simple enough

    If Protel format 1.0 means anything the same as it did in
    P99SE, is that not a netlist format? There were Protel 1 and 2
    netlist formats in P99SE.
  5. Actually Simon,
    DXP 2004 has not less than 12 add-on utilities for outputting
    differing formats of netlists. So now I really don't understand
    your comments after doing a little checking today. They have 12
    different netlist output utilities available on their website for
    downloading and plugging into DXP 2004.
  6. but a default installation for Protel 2004 SP2 will output
    edif for pcb
    pcad for pcb
    cupl netlist
    Protel (1)
    VHDL file

    that's 7.. and I only had to use two hands to count them :)
    There may be 12 on their web site.. but I don't use Protel add ons unless I
    have a need

    The actual protel 1 and Protel 2 formats (so I added a .0 not a big deal)
    are obsolete. They haven't been necessary for PCB design since Protel 99SE
    so it really isn't surprising that they don't exist any more... I myself
    never noticed they were gone... but it could make it difficult to do a
    netlist compare... something
    I've done from time to time to satisfy a customer on rear occasions.
    I also wont mix and match packages.. so no Protel / Orcad mixes. Neither
    companies really want you to use the others package so don't make it
    entirely seamless. On the odd occasions I've had to convert I spend days
    just checking that everything has come thru seamlessly so I always try to
    avoid that.

    But I have satisfied myself over the years that if the PCB DRC has zero
    errors, and the Schematic ERC has zero errors then the result is exactly
    what I suspect. Any warnings are individually approved. I also flag any
    unconnected pin on the schematic and verify each and every one. I have
    never had a board that was anything less than what was on the schematic.
    For this reason I don't usually do a netlist compare and I have full
    confidence in Protels results. I also flag any potential poor warning
    message and feed it back to Protel in the hope something useful replaces it.
    I would also stop using Protel if I lost any confidence in the ERC and DRC.
    This together with a well designed schematic that is easy to read and easy
    to understand and hence easy to locate errors makes the system foolproof...
    but occasionally I've worn the fools hat <:)

    And that is why I have I don't generate netlists.

  7. Ivan

    Ivan Guest

    It was very informative to hear Brad and Simon discuss netlists. I
    have learned a lot.

    Here's a question to put out there:

    I remember using PADS Logic/PCB for DOS years ago and I was able to
    generate not only a net to components netlist, but a component to nets
    cross reference listing.
    Q1 - 1 Net A001 Q1 - 2 Net L007 Q1 - 3 Net GND

    C7 - 1 Net H090 C7 - 2 Net GND


    Is there a program that can do this out there? I have experimented
    with all the netlisters available on the Protel website, but non do

    Just curious.

  8. Roy Battell

    Roy Battell Guest

    Something like this is the schematic analysis output format from
    Vutrax, and can also be generated from finished artworks along
    with the more conventional forms of nestlist.
    Roy Battell.
    To use this address remove the digits included to remove Spam ...
    (Vutrax CAD system, FREE up to 256 pins for Windows & Linux)
  9. Ok, thanks for the clarification Simon. At first I thought
    something was drastically different in DXP and I was unaware of
    it. But they still will do a netlist, or I am betting that when
    you do update PCB, you can still generate a report of the changes
    being noted for the PCB. Same as I currently do with P99SE. After
    reading in the netlist, you are essentially in the Update PCB
    Synchronizer, with the list of changes on the screen, right click
    on the list, generate a report of the changes. Some are always
    non-circuit issues like Fiducials, test points or something else
    that isn't found in a schematic.

    By the way, I cannot recall exactly what it is at the moment
    but ERC checking has one very big hole that it doesn't check for
    in Protel. Damn brain isn't working so well this morning but I
    know there is one check that I would have them add in to make it
    more complete, in the mean time it is not bad but only about 95%
    complete. Maybe it has even been added into DXP already, aaahhh I
    remember, checking for continuity and connection across ports and
    netnames, also single node nets regardless of pin type and
    whether you connected a wire and ran it to a port. Check that all
    the names match and that there is at least one connection across
    them if they exist. Still not foolproof though because there is
    no way for it to know there should be X number of connections on
    a net in total. OrCAD used to do a net or port name connectivity
    dump, I used to use it to try and find slightly misspelled net or
    port names because they would usually come up right close
    together on the report. They also would show a listing of
    netnames where you had connected dissimilar netnames together

    However, as far as Ivan's enquiry goes, check the Schematic
    thoroughly, do the ERCs, update to the PCB, generate a report of
    the synchronizer updates, have the boss sign off on the
    schematic, the ERC check, then an update PCB change report and a
    DRC report. At our shop the designers add notes to either the ERC
    or the netlist/synchronizer report, indicating what the issues
    are that generated any message. (i.e. The update report is trying
    to delete a fiducial. we add a handwritten note stating that
    "fiducials are not found in the schematic". Or, "Shorting
    connection added to implement Star Point Ground", etc. )

    After all of this our design manager signs off on our designs
    and keeps the design paperwork including these various checking
    reports in a file cabinet. For too many years he had designers
    telling him things were fine and dandy, now he holds this
    paperwork over your head and if anything is wrong it had better
    have been something that slipped through the checking without
    being caught for some reason. Then we adapt our checking and
    check lists to cover any new found issues. If you touched the
    board after the checks and cause any problems, he will have you
    by the short and curlies. He is not a nice guy but so far I
    managed to stay on his good side, others have not and I see how
    they are treated by him. I just plain don't want to be there, I
    don't need that aggravation in my life.
  10. It actually generates a report every time you update the PCB I've attached
    one picked at random.. they're not very big but would be a pain to have to
    deal with unless you had an automated program.

    The ERC has been improved vastly... but there is an inconsistancy between
    what I did in protel 99SE and DXP.. port directions don't match the default
    ERC and inisist on being different to Protel 99SE... I also discovered that
    some of the default warnings that are on in Protel 99SE don't actually
    work.. mostly port stuff .. you don't notice it untill you run the same ERC
    on DXP and get 50 more warnings. So that also means port ERC has been
    improved too mismatched names, mis matched directions are all correctly
    flagged now. Single node nets can always be flagged as "unconnected xxxx"
    in 99SE or DXP. I do that by default all the time. Well if Protel could
    tell how many connections should be on a net then you and I will be out of a
    job.. and they wont pay as much as a room of monkeys could do the same job
    miss spellings will always be a problem.. something you have to train
    yourself for... you will still see it in the net list on the pannels... If
    you are like me than you will also notice connections missing on the PCB as
    you route it too... the advantage on manual route... its like a double
    Maybe Protel needs a spell guesser.. look at net names and flag those that
    are close.. (thats what typos are afterall)

    My Boss hasn't signed off on my work in decades .. a simple peer review is
    all we have... that and the original designer gets to go over the PCB and
    check pin names are what he expects.
    I would like to see a sign off on schematic errors and PCB errors too.. and
    especially the ability to mask one particular error with an 'x' of a
    different colour and say "I approve this ERC on this pin" for example saying
    "pin xxx is unconnected" and have that invert the error status.. so if its
    unconnected its ok.. if its connected then its an error.
    Fiducials, labels and logos all have a schematic part in our library.. have
    done for the last too companies I've worked for. With Protel 99SE I wrote a
    BOM generator which automatically recoginised 'mechanical' parts and left
    them out of the BOM. It also added tables, better sorting, support for more
    than 256 chars in a column, headers, footers, and BOM splitting. Because of
    that, it will be a while before updating fuilly to DXP.. we rely on the BOM
    generator too much.

    The checking is always the hardest part. I days gone by I've checked the
    schematic and PCB with a non-technical person so that they asked
    questions... but that was PCAD proir to automatic schematic/pcb
    sycnronisation.. it worked but took time. Currently its up to the designer
    to check the schematics and PCB a highlighter is good here (but don't use it
    on the minitor.. only the paper copy :)
    We also have a 5 page check list... but its hard to transfer a check list
    from a paper copy to an electronic copy.. I mostly rely on my skill .. In
    saying that.. I had the first 3 boards I designed last year go into
    production as Rev A, no mods, no component changes other than the original
    calabration values. It shocked some people who never expect that. They
    have had changes since then as new features have been added that were
    outside the original spec. Not all turn out like that .. I also have a
    right stinker... the choise of components wasn't so hot.. so it works.. but
    leaves alot to be desired and only just meets spec (most of the time). It
    was designed in a rush with components on hand and those we could get in
    time. I would like to redesign it with better components now I know the
    short comings but its scedualed for total replacment so unlikly to happen
    Im my filing cabnet I keep a printout of the schematic and PCB to be marked
    up by highlighter, that way I can add changes to my design as and when
    nessassary. The actual checked boards.. they are write protected as soon as
    the checking and fixups and re-checking is finished.. then archived... the
    only changes are to DCO's and the engineers 'working' copy. those changes
    have to be approved by everyone before the become part of the next release

    In saying that I think a nice addition would be to beable to compare the
    previous rev, with the current rev, and have protel come up with a list of
    new components, deleted components, added nets and deleted nets at any
    point, I think this has been requested as part of a service pack. It is far
    better than 15 ECO files and far more useful.

    Guys like you Boss can be stinkers.. fortunatly the labour market in NZ is
    tight and good designers are mostly imported .. so hard to come buy.. I get
    treated with respect and there is a knowledge that sometimes things don't go
    to plan.. theres also a knowlegde that first rev boards don't go into
    production (usually)... although I'll have to be careful here.. too many
    working first time and I'm going to have to do a few bad ones so they don't
    forget that :) There are also screwups from time to time... especially if
    your using new components. Thats to be expected.. sometimes there are
    lingering cancers too.. but we managed to find the last golden bullet.. took
    over a year to find tho.. I still have one 'cancer'.. its proving difficult
    to eradicate I just hope it doesn't grow but for now the customes can't see
    it as we have a good work around.

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