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Protel DXP??

Discussion in 'CAD' started by [email protected], Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Ive drawn schematics, now what? How do I get PCB?
    Compiling gives some errors because I want to leave some pins not
    connected (pic16f84). Does compiling produce PCB?
  2. Have you ever read a manual or help file? Comic book?
    Or you have just asked others to waste their time giving you all
    the answers?
  3. orange

    orange Guest

    yes, I have been reading help file -its rubbish, didnt have the manual
    when asked the question.
    if your time is so valuable, you shouldn't have bothered to answer at
    all especially in that way (no use at all)..
    let the others choose themself if they wanna 'waste time' answering my
  4. Guest

    Writers on here always seem to get sharp answers from Brad Velander on
    anything vaguely sounding like a criticism of Protel (he's a Protel

  5. Yeah stick it Prescott,
    Who rattled your chain? No it is the idiots here that get
    sharp answers from me. Why don't you answer his question? Anyone
    that asks completely vague open ended questions can't expect
    someone else to do all the work for them.
    Now, there was nothing in his initial question that belittled
    Protel in any way. Did you ever figure out how to compare equal
    versions and pricing of your beloved tool with Protel? Or do you
    still want to fight about comparing apples and oranges, claiming
    apples are cheaper, while they are not an orange (no pun with the
    SCL poster intended)?

    In short the answer would too far too long and too dependant
    on how your schematics were done, libraries and on and on. Then
    it would lead to 50 more questions, probably before we even
    started into your PCB. How did you get the schematics done, ask
    someone else?

    Are you using DXP? If you are, then you have absolutely no
    excuses besides pure laziness, which was my initial suspicion.
    Second suspicion, you have low morals because you probably have
    pirated the software as well. You have no excuses at all, the
    Altium website is loaded with tutorials, white papers, sample
    files, training files and full manuals in PDF form. Even for
    P99SE there are a few that will cover most of what you need to
    get started, in their old software download area. So you steal
    the software that we pay good money for and want improved, then
    you expect others to support you. You are in a complex exposed
    position aren't you.

    If you come up with limited specific questions, then I will
    offer assistance. I won't supplant the manual or help files
  6. Guest

    "Yeah stick it Prescott, Who rattled your chain?"

    What a delightful reply. I didn't bother reading the rest after seeing
    that opening. Are you an engineer or an all-in wrestler...(as well as
    a Protel groupie)....?

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