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Protel Autotrax video drivers

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Steve, Nov 21, 2004.

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  1. Steve

    Steve Guest

    For a few years now we have made available a video
    driver for Protel Autotrax (a DOS PCB layout package).
    These video drivers run under VESA bios and allow
    Autotrax to be used at higher screen resolutions than
    the rather limiting 640 x 480 that VGA otherwise provides.

    Vesa drivers:

    However these days not all video adaptors have good VESA
    support, - its getting out of date. We now have another
    driver, written specifically for XP, using directx

    New driver:

    This new driver is still in "Beta trial" but offers an
    alternative to people who want to use Autotrax (which
    is now free from Altium) on newer machines.
    Both drivers are free and open source.

  2. Craig Hart

    Craig Hart Guest

    Now, that's impressive. Well done guys.
  3. My thanks too! Just migrated to XP and was having dire problems with
    Autotrax until I found this.

    Now, does anyone have a similar trick up their sleeves for OrCad SDT? At
    the moment I can't get this to run at all, with any driver, even vanilla
    VGA. Halts before it's even come up with the full list of libraries so I'm
    not sure it's even a video driver issue.

    cheers / Kendall
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