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Protel Autotrax and Win98

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Richard Hosking, Dec 10, 2003.

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  1. I have a (licensed!) copy of Autotrax which is now a bit long in the tooth,
    but still works OK.
    It has run happily under W95 for years, but I want to put it on a newer
    computer with W98 - there sems to be problems with video drivers. The best I
    can get is low res CGA
    Anyone have later video drivers for this?

  2. Alan

    Alan Guest


    Have a look at:



    Jenal Communications
    Manufacturers and Suppliers of HF Selcall
    P O Box 1108, Morley, WA, 6943
    Tel: +61 8 9370 5533 Fax +61 8 9370 5106
    Web Site:
  3. Many thanks for this
    It will regenerate the old program
    It looks like there is a better output option file as well for plotting to a
    laser printer.

  4. I have managed to get the program running well under W98, but now I find the
    schematic libraries are reported as a "bad file format" and they wont load.
    This in spite of reloading the libraries from disk. Has anyone faced this
    problem? Was there a solution?

  5. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    *I think* it's caused by a FAT32 file system or long file names, or installing
    in a big hard drive. Or the files may be just corrupted.

  6. I reinstalled from the original disk - so they should not be corrupted. I
    have an 80GB drive - I guess that could be relevant. Filenames are the same
    as original - not longer than 8 characters. Any ideas on solutions?

  7. Apollo

    Apollo Guest

    I run autotrax, and autotrax schematic, with libraries
    for both - there is definitely no problem with long file
    names, or having the programs on a large drive (etc).

    However, the libraries for protel autotrax and protel
    schematic are seperate, just like the PCB editor and
    schematic editor programs themselves - and if you try
    and load the library using the wrong program you will
    get the error you describe.

    I have a list of other stuff to watch out for! ...

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