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PROTEL 2004 - BUS Multiply

Discussion in 'CAD' started by [email protected], Feb 17, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Could anyone let me know a valid syntax using "REPEAT" keyword to
    multiply a Bus in a multi channel schematic design (PROTEL 2004)?

    A "REPEAT (BUS [1..4])" Entry Sheet in Parent will not make
    vertical connection with a BUS[1..4] Port on Child Sheet. It generates
  2. Cora_7,
    I had previously seen your post to the PEDA listserver. I am
    not sure that anybody understands what you are trying to do. If
    you didn't get an answer on the PEDA list then you are in
    uncharted territory or you have defined your problem in a manner
    that others don't understand.

    Are you just drawing a schematic or are you doing some VHDL,
    SPICE or other detailed code type input? A schematic on it's own
    doesn't have a repeat function, other than the good ole fashioned
    copy and paste. So I think you have people lost and wondering
    what you are doing.

    Just by what you have written below, I would say that you
    just drop the "REPEAT", do away with the brackets and your bus
    would connect fine between sheets, just make sure that the
    netlist generator has the desired net and port configuration for
    your design hierarchy. Don't know where you got the "REPEAT"
  3. Guest

    Thanks for feed-back Brad.

    I'm back with some extra details for you guys:
    I drawing just schematic ( no VHDL, no Spice), but using multi channel
    design concept. The whole idea is to nest and repeat an entire sheet in
    other in order to simplify schematic and also PCB design. Concept
    it's come exactly to avoid multiple copy -paste.

    Take a look to "True Multi-channel Design" Bookmark on

    Altium provide a simple example describe on TU0112 Creating a
    Multi-channel Design but it don't show syntax to repeat an entire
    bus. Let suppose in this example that I need Bus P[1..8] and/or
    K[1..8] link out the sheet (Bank.SchDoc ) via a Port and get repeated
    four times in Parent sheet ( Detector.SchDoc ). What syntax I should
    have for correspondent Sheet Entry of REPEAT(PD,1,8) Sheet Symbol?

    By the way, If I try to compile this multi channel design example,
    witch come with PROTEL 2004, I get following errors: Duplicate Net
    Names Bus Slice K[1..8], Duplicate Net Names Bus Slice P[1..8], Wire
    Net Label OFF at 420,610 placed on a bus.
    I don't understand why.

  4. Cora,
    So I see you are using DXP, well I am not so you have me at a
    disadvantage but I went to the link you supplied to see what you
    were seeing.

    This "instantiation" issue is certainly new to DXP, I have
    never heard the term used before. However, reading the
    description they supply I think I have a good idea of what they
    are doing. Usually in the past we drew one schematic of the
    daughter sheet and it had multiple iterations linked through
    multiple sheetsymbols on the parent sheet. Seems this new system
    uses only one sheetsymbol on the parent sheet with this "Repeat
    keyword" you are trying to define. Then each daughter sheet gets
    X number of tabs, one for each repetition of the circuit.

    Ok, this is not so different than the good ole system only
    the schematic appears in one sheet instead of X number of virtual
    sheets below the parent. Then the one singular sheet has tabs to
    switch designators appropriately for each circuit repetition.
    That is my take on it anyway, new spit and polish for the old
    system. It is all fluff!

    As far as I can see the key word is a function that is built
    into the sheetsymbol on the parent schematic sheet. I would think
    that there is a keyword "Repeat" accessible for a sheetsymbol. Or
    you must add the keyword into the sheetsymbol some how.

    As for the ports, your original question, I don't think they
    are special in any particular way. Port AD[0..8] on the daughter
    sheet connects to port AD[0..8] on the parent sheet. There is
    nothing special about the port naming from what I can see, use
    the same conventions as one has always use for ports and
    sheetsymbols. The repeat seems to come from the Sheetsymbol and
    adding (or setting) the Repeat keyword for the sheetsymbol.

    I did some checking on the DXP website, lo and behold I found the
    following tutorial for multi-channel designs:
    Check page 3, points 3, 4, 5 & 6. I was right it is a keyword of
    the sheetsymbol.

    Brad Velander

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