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Proper Daisy Chaining Methods

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by In Home, May 3, 2004.

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  1. In Home

    In Home Guest

    Alarm board manufacturers keep telling me, run homeruns from every contact
    back to the board. This seems to me very impractical, though great for the
    board manufacturers because I have to buy their zone expanders to make the
    system work.

    With that said, what is the proper way to group devices together, for
    instance two windows in a bedroom. I'm assuming it would be series wiring,
    but would I run the wire to the first contact and then run a wire from the
    first contact to the second contact. Would the two wire runs meet at or in
    the first contact?

    What if you did homerun all the wires, can you group them at the panel?
  2. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    Homerun to first window - series it, the contact, and the jumper to
    the next window - repeat as necessary, put EOL in series with the last

    Yes, series them all together at the panel. The EOL can go anywhere
    in the circuit - but it won't be a *true* EOL that way. And don't go
    sticking it out at the farthest point like I think I read, just put it
    in the can. I could just imagine trying to find that damn thing
    because some genius thought it would be better placed out in Timbuktu.

    If you want full supervision and homerun each contact you'll need to
    run 4 conductor cable. Or get zone expanders.

  3. Warren Stone

    Warren Stone Guest

    While I agree the best approach is to have one sensor per zone,
    sometimes there aren't enough zones available to monitor each sensor

    I have a motion sensor in every room, each monitored as a unique zone.
    There are multiple glass break sensors wired in series (at the panel)
    and monitored as a group. Each glass break has a memory LED to show
    which may have tripped. In this manner a glass break would alarm to the
    monitoring station, but without corresponding motion could be considered
    a false alarm. However glass break with motion sensing indicates a good
    chance of real trouble.

    Why would you not want more than one glass break or motion sensor on a
    single zone?
  4. Warren Stone

    Warren Stone Guest

    My system was originally a 6 zone First Alert FA148. I've added an 8
    hzone for the glass break sensors. It will accept another 8 zone board
    as well as a few wireless zones. Problem then is with current
    requirement. The main board aux output is rated at 600mA only. Higher
    than that and it would need an extra 12V supply with battery backup, or
    replace all sensors with lower current types or go wireless with
    batteries. Hardly worth the effort just yet.
    I'm not certain how to reset the LEDs, but it hasn't been an issue yet.
    I suspect it's a simple matter to open the case and pull the jumper.
    All sensors are at easy to reach (and see) levels.
    During away, any glass break or motion sense will immediately trigger an
    alarm and call the monitoring station. Any subsequent trips will alert
    the alarm company again. It will be up to the monitoring station to
    make the decision.
    I can program the common glass break zones as a follower. The garage
    car door is monitored and can take care of this.
  5. Hello,

    I believe that you are asking how to physically wire these together. As
    I have done it, you would bring your "homerun" run to the first window,
    wire in the positive/hot wire -- not the negative/return wire -- then
    extend this by running one wire from the negative/return of that first
    device to the positive/hot input of the next device. From here continue
    using one wire from the negative of the first to the positive of the
    next. At the last device, you run a wire from the negative/return back
    to connect up where the wire was split before the first device.

    I've used this setup for simple door triggers. If the door was opened
    the door magnet would trip and the circuit would be made open/broken.
    Any of the doors in the series would trip the alarm for all.

    Is this what you were asking for?

    - greg knopf

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