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Projector LCD Epson EMP-1810 - is not steady lamp ignition.

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by igorx, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. igorx


    Jun 4, 2010
    Good time!

    I ask the help - has already head broke!
    Subj. The lamp bulb was inflated. I replaced the lamp. It was found that was are dead transistors Q301 and Q304 (ballast, bridge lamp power in operating mode). I replaced 21N50C by 20N60C3 (and others simply i have not). Everything else around environment is OK - even checked the capacitors by replacement. Actually, the symptoms are after transistors replacement - when the lamp is cold - always to start literally from the first spark between the electrodes. If hot, the lamp start might from first cycle to fourth cycle (cycle - an attempt to ignition: about 3 seconds is the sparkle between the electrodes - it is perfectly visible.) Can and do not catch fire - the projector after the fourth unsuccessful cycle goes into a lamp error. Lamps three-electrode: two on the arc space and one on the ignition (ionization). Ionization of gas is external: wire over the bulb. High-voltage autotransformer outside, not in the ballast. In general, the projector drops out of canons! -)

    If we can ignite the arc, then next everything is working normally, the color temperature lamp is normal, the brightness is excellent, in the ballast, anything above the norm is not hot.

    The question - what could be? I welcome any ideas (except the "go to the service" -))

    By the way, and the ballast driver have the lot of interesting things - for example, the output cascade, connected to the gates of power bridge - 8-pin planar IC (SOIC-8 or PSOP-8) with the marking on the top - 1713.

    The scheme of the power of the partially traced - more or less understandable, is not clear why sometimes the arc does not switched on. Voltage ignition is - about 300 volts to the burner. Working voltage (when the lamp is on) - 140 volts.

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