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Projection TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by DanFXR, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. DanFXR

    DanFXR Guest

    Looking at new big screen TVs. (55-60in) I see that the rear projection
    units need bulb replacement every now and then.
    What is involved in replacing the bulb and which model TVs have a good
    track record?
    I see some of the replacement bulbs get costly.
  2. Tech Data

    Tech Data Guest

    I'm assuming you're talking about a DLP or an LCOS. If the majority of
    your local programming is in hi def, then I guess it'd be worth the 250
    to 600 dollars a year to keep it going, understanding that the bulbs
    don't really get 6000 hrs like the kid at Best Buy would have you
    believe. Around here, the programming is still mostly analog and will
    be for some time so, I recommend a rear projection CRT tv. They break
    too but, at least parts don't usually cost as much as the tv and they
    still look pretty good with analog as well as hi def. With the crap
    that manufacturers are pulling these days, this is the time that
    extended warranties are a good investment no matter what you buy. Just
    make sure the underwriter of the policy is reputable. Best Buy uses NEW
    which is a very good company to deal with. Circuit City sells their own
    extended warranty but, is unerwritten by GE, plus they have a '3
    strikes' clause. If it fails 3 times under their warranty, they replace
    it with an equal, or greater value set. And no, I don't work for either
    place but, I do repair work as needed for each and so far, they've kept
    their word.
  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Replacing the bulb is easy, you open a little door in back, remove the
    old bulb and plug in a new one. It's the high cost that sucks, but they
    should last several years with normal use.
  4. Guest

    I wrote this in the HDTV group Aug 26 this year
    Leonard is Leonard Caillouet. The Samsung is a 50" unit with a 100 watt
    bulb. It's likely over 5300 hours by now.

  5. I like the Mitsubishi DLP products. They use the Osram lamps instead of the
    Philips and seem to be lasting longer in most cases than the rated 4000

    Hard to beat the pix, too.

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