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Projection TV Woes

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Sean Keplinger, Jul 27, 2004.

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  1. I have a Hitachi Projection TV (55EX7K) that's about 11 years old. Recently,
    black bars have been appearing at the top and bottom of the screen. When you
    walk across the floor in front of the TV, the bars flicker and change size and
    sometimes go away. After the TV "warms-up" for a while, the screen will return
    to normal size without any further problems.

    This morning, my wife said she heard a small "pop" and the picture displayed
    briefly before going out and then flickering back on. I had her unplug the
    whole thing completely, just to be safe.

    Before I call a repair-man, is there anything I should check out? I realize
    that the TV is getting on in years but if the repair is under $300, I'd like
    to keep it.

    Thanks for the help,
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Suggestion, unless you are deeply in love with this set put your monies on
    newer technologies. Much has changed in the decade + since you have
    purchased that particular set. Having it repaired can easily exceed the $300
    limit that you have already set, just having a tech come out and eveluate
    the set may cost you a service call fee plus actual time in the house.
  3. John Del

    John Del Guest

    Subject: Re: Projection TV Woes
    That model is extraordinarily reliable. It uses the poplar LA 7838 output.
    Replacing the IC, pump up diode, electrolytics in the vert circuit, and
    reflowing any suspicious solder on the sweep board (preventative) will probably
    fall into his budget. If the TV is otherwise running well, repairing it will
    buy him some more years until they improve the newest product on the market.

    John Del
    Wolcott, CT

    "I'm just trying to get into heaven, I'm not running for Jesus!"
    Homer Simpson

    (remove S for email reply)
  4. Ken G.

    Ken G. Guest

    By your description it just needs the vertical ic chip and areas
    resoldered & probably a god idea to do a quick ESR check on a few
    capacitors in the vert.
    300$ to do that is robbery .. take the set to a shop where they are
    reasonable around 75 to 100$ for that problem .
    If you can solder you could do i yourself .
    Cleaning the lenses & mirror would be a good idea while its apart .
  5. john

    john Guest

    Ken G ..
    Boy are you out of touch.

  6. David

    David Guest

    $75 to $100 for a projection set, in your dreams.
    Given the size, looking at an in home service call, around $50 to the door,
    plus around $125 labor plus parts typical. Well under $300 most of the time
    for that type of failure. $75 to $100 is not even enough to stay in

  7. Art

    Art Guest

    IMHO: you still have an 11 year old product with all of it's probability of
    failure. Yes they were a very reliable product, so was the Edsel and
  8. John Del

    John Del Guest

    Subject: Re: Projection TV Woes
    We have a guy like Ken in our area, who works out of his house, has an old beat
    up truck, crappy scope, decent meter (but nothing else), and lives in a very
    modest home. His wife makes excellent money and benefits (for both), and he
    has the nerve to call the professional shops crooks for charging $250 to repair
    big screen TVs. By now, between his using crappy generic parts and blowing off
    appointments, his reputation is crap. The problem is that this unprofessional
    guy is staining the whole profession by association.

  9. We have a couple of those here, too. Can't count the times that I have had
    to go behind them and fix things that they just leave because they don't
    have the skills, equipment, documentation, or will to deal with much more
    than cold solder joints.

    I have no problem with someone like this supplementing their income, but
    when they have to do it by trying to make legitimate businesses look bad
    with lies and half-truths, and when they make the profession look bad in
    general, there is no justification.

  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I'd rather not junk the TV as it was given to me
    and I don't have $3000 to go blow on a new one. I'm confortable with spending
    $200 on something that might last me for another few years.

    I'm not by any means an electronics guru so I think soldering is out of the
    question, but at least I understand what may be wrong with it. Last night, I
    opened up the back panel to take a look and didn't see anything out of the
    ordinary (blow caps, etc). The thick wires leading into the "caution high
    voltage" part scared me a little. Didn't want to get my hand in there. ;^)

    On a side-note, can anyone recommend a reliable projection TV repair shop in

  11. john

    john Guest

    Call Ken G I am sure he will travel interstate for maybe just $5.00 MORE.


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