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Profibus VP power supply (+5V)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by markp, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. markp

    markp Guest

    Hi All,

    I'm designing a Profibus interface. I'm a little confused with the +5V
    termination power supply (Voltage Plus, or VP). My understanding is that VP
    is supplied by something on a segment that is used to actively terminate all
    the receivers, and usually these resistors are in the Profibus connectors

    Is it the master only that drives VP onto the bus?

    If my device can be a master or slave, I presume I have to be able to either
    drive VP or not depending on whether I'm a master or not (?)

    What is the current requirement of VP?

    Also, for bog standard RS485 applications I usually use isolated 5V supplies
    locally on each receiver, and a common signal ground reference linking them.
    Is that usual with Profibus too?

    I guess the master would generate VP referenced to this same common ground
    signal, I assume using an isolated supply. Which means if I already have an
    isolated supply as part of the reciever section I could use that directly to
    drive VP (?)

    Sorry for all the questions, I can't seem to find any docs that tie this

  2. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

    Try this, i think it looks promising:
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