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Processor serializer available

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Neon John, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. Neon John

    Neon John Guest

    For my upcoming computerized induction heater product, I needed a way
    to add a serial number to each processor as it was programmed.
    Unfortunately only the more expensive production programmers support
    serialization for the AT90PWM316 that I'm using. Given that my
    production run will probably be about 50 units at a time, no way was I
    going to drop that kind of dough on a gang programmer.

    So I did what any self-respecting programmer would do, I wrote a
    little program to generate serial numbers and feed 'em to AVRDUDE, the
    freeware AVR programmer software. Said little program also keeps
    track of the serial numbers in a database with time and date stamping.

    It's a Linux program (MAYBE would compile in Cygwin under winders) and
    should work with any command line programmer so you poor PIC dudes
    should also be able to use it.

    It's available here:

    Totally freeware, of course.

  2. TTman

    TTman Guest

    It's automatically there as an option in PonyProg2000 .....
  3. Guest

    We just use serial number chips hooked to the I2C bus. That's then squished
    into our MAC address space, also.
  4. Neon John

    Neon John Guest

    [please learn to snip]
    Nice program. But it doesn't support the AT90PWMxxx series of chips.
    It doesn't run out of the box under Ubuntu (missing shared library).
    It has a GUI interface, something that I'd never turn my production
    meat robots loose with. The only decision my worker has to make is
    "hit Enter to program". Fine for the hobbyist or developer in the lab
    but not for a production environment.

    Believe it or not, I actually did my homework before dedicating the
    time to ser_no.

  5. Grant

    Grant Guest

    One may order serialised chips from Microchip, dunno if other
    manufacturers offer the service, nor how much it adds to the
    price, just noticed the offer. Can burn your code too, but
    I dunno what lead times that would have.

    Back when I was doing this sort of thing with 'HC6805 family chips
    we programmed serial and other info into a separate memory segment.

    I used to track it with a dos batch, make and text files, that was
    only for some hundreds of midrange product per year, the little
    stuff in higher quantity was mask programmed.

  6. Neon John

    Neon John Guest

    Arrow and Digikey (among others) offer the service for Atmel chips.
    They have minimums, though. Problem is, I'm a ways from being able
    lock my code revision so that such a program makes sense.

    I'm probably not the only guy who likes to handle everything in house
    that is possible to do. That way if something screws up all I gotta
    do is look in the mirror to find the person to blame :)

  7. TTman

    TTman Guest

    Fair comment....
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