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Problems with SCART switching unit

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Lago Jardin, Dec 5, 2003.

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  1. Lago Jardin

    Lago Jardin Guest

    I recently bought a SCART Switching Unit MK36P from Maplins Leeds Branch in
    the UK where I have a house. I live mostly in Spain and I needed to connect
    three items to my TV which has only one SCART socket. These are: video
    recorder/player, DVD player and my TV decoder. The first two work fine but
    the decoder gives a blank screen and the TV does not change to the A/V
    channel. Normally I connect the decoder via an ordinary SCART lead into the
    TV. If I select Channel 1 then I get BBC1 actually on Channel 1 on the TV
    because it is not encrypted by Telmicro (my service provider). If I select
    Channel 3 (ITV1) normally the TV automatically switches to A/V because here
    ITV is encrypted....and likewise for all other channels. I guess that this
    is due to decoder SCART PIN 8 telling the TV "I am here." When I use the
    SCART Switching Unit the TV stays on the Channel number selected even when
    an encrypted channel is chosen. If I switch to A/V on the TV then I just get
    a blank screen. This is strange because the VHS and DVD work fine on A/V. I
    have tried the decoder in all three inputs.
    I would be very obliged for any help please. Is there a suitable wire link I
    can make between any pins?. Can anyone maybe suggest what is wrong? suggest
    suitable modifications (at my own risk). I have done a little circuit board
    work in the past.

    Thanks a lot

    Nigel Smith
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