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problems with AMCC S5920 nvRAM configs

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by flavio Bortolan, Jul 15, 2003.

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  1. Good Mornig,

    A company developed for us a PCI card prototipe( let's call it A )
    that uses an AMCC S5920Q with an ATMEL 24C16N EPROM.
    Prototype A is working properly.
    That company does not exist anymore but they gave us PCB artworks that
    we used to build a new prototype ( let's call it B ) IDENTICAL TO A.
    We now would like to configure nvRAM on prototype B the same way it is
    configured on prototype A using AMCC PCI Developer's Kit ( S5920DK1 ).

    we tried to use the AMCCPCI.exe program to read nvRAM from prototype A
    but I got a "Invalid memory base address" message.

    The sequence of operation was:

    1) Selected "S5920" device from main menu.
    2) Selected "Load Memory Image"
    3) Selected PCI Device with Device ID 5920h (AMCC)
    4) selected 24c16 as nvRAM (this device is mounted on the PCB board )
    5) Error: "Invalid memory base address"

    OS was Win95.

    What's wrong?

    Could you describe briefly the operations to simply copy-paste nvRAM
    from A to B.?

    Thanks in advance

    Flavio Bortolan
    Job-joint srl
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