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Problems with a KDS Monitor 19´´ - Constant degaussing needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Felipe Ledesma, Jul 25, 2003.

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  1. I have an AVITRON AV-195T KDS MONITOR.

    I have to degauss it continuosly (10 to 15 minutes interval) because
    otherwise it gets a little weird (not too much). The side borders get
    very curved and the image starts to shake a little bit. I don´t know
    how to repair this permanently and it looks the only way to relief
    this a little bit is by ussing the degauss feature.

    It seems it gets magnetized or something...

    Anyone can help?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated...
  2. EsMot

    EsMot Guest

    Do you have speakers within one meter distance in any direction from the
    monitor? I got a set of speakers once that were disturbing my monitor from
    about one meter distance... it was not quite the same as yours, mine was
    getting some green spots after a couple of days...

  3. E. Kunze

    E. Kunze Guest

    Degaussing is meant to remove alien magnetization of the screen
    mask to get picture colours undisturbed by external influence. If the
    monitor isn't moved around nor are varying magnetic fields present,
    degaussing shouldn't be necessary at all - some people even forget
    that there is such a function built in :).

    As the degaussing circuitry sits directly behind the mains entrance
    into the monitor, you may cause a short dip in the supply voltage by
    activating the degaussing, which then *seems* to influence an other
    fault or weak point of your monitor.

    "Very curved and shaky" could mean insufficient syncronization,
    instable supply voltage caused by a crumbling solder joint, or
    any other insufficient condition caused by aging components.
  4. The shaking suggests to me that there's a nearby magnetic field, maybe
    from an electric motor.
  5. kc8adu

    kc8adu Guest

    or a wallwart.
  6. Uns Lider

    Uns Lider Guest

    What happens with the degauss coil disconnected?

    -- uns
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