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Problem with Tek T922 'scope

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by NewYorkDave, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. NewYorkDave

    NewYorkDave Guest

    Hello, all. I recently bought a used Tek T922 as a cheap, portable
    alternative to my main scope (an ancient but reliable RM35A). The
    'scope arrived the other day and it appears to work OK except for
    intermittent vertical attenuator switches (a typical old 'scope
    problem) and one other problem that seems a bit weird. Instead of
    deflecting off the top or bottom of the screen, as it should, the
    trace will "squash" when you reach approximately to the top or bottom
    of the graticule. Obviously, this is bad, since it could lead you to
    believe that your waveform is clipping in the equipment under test. Is
    anyone familiar with what could be causing this problem?
    Unfortunately, I don't have a service manual for the 'scope.
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