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Problem with retrace lines on EIZO F55S...

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Oct 19, 2003.

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  1. Guest

    Here's the problem, and what I have seen about it...

    Before all, I must say that I did a lot of research on this problem in Sam's
    Repair FAQ, and found that the problem is something with retrace lines...
    But I don't know what, so I'll ask here... ;)

    OK, problem is like this... My monitor was very often online for a few days
    (more like week, two or so)... And, since I wasn't at home for a weekend, I
    turned it off... And, today, I turned it back on, and here ya go - I see
    some lines dancing on the black background... :(

    So far I've seen about these lines - if I lower the brightness to 0, lines
    are very visible... And, if I raise brightness to 100, I almost can't see
    the lines... I tried whacking the monitor, but no use...

    I opened it, used a hair-dryer (hot air) and a rubber stick (bumping
    capacitors and other components) trying to locate cold solder joints, but, I
    couldn't find any... :(

    So, browsing through, I've found that these could be the
    problems (copy paste):

    Screen (G2) or master brightness/background/bias control - mark setting and
    then see if a slight adjustment removes the retrace lines. See the chapter:
    "Monitor Adjustments". Of course, if this happened suddenly, the problem is
    not due to a misadjusted control though a dirty pot is possible - turn it
    back and forth - this might clean it and restore normal operation.

    Power supply or connection to CRT neck board - insufficient voltage will
    result in the CRT never totally blanking. Check (usually scan derived) power
    supply components (from flyback).

    General power supply - check B+ for correct value and ripple. A main power
    supply fault might result in these symptoms (and usually many others).

    Blanking circuit - this may be a part of the video/chroma chip or separate.
    Check waveforms to determine if the blanking pulses are making it to the
    video output.

    I didn't try nothing around G2 pot, but I must ask following question... Is
    it possible that simply the problem is in this pot, and if I turn it a bit
    and return it to it's original position, the problem could be gone? I mean -
    I suspect at the worn pot... ?

    Power supply - I don't know... I could try with screen breathe tests...
    Nothing - the frame is rock-solid... I guess the power supply is not the
    problem... Something in horizontal deflection should be the problem, I
    guess, because I can see diagonal lines (shaped this way '/')... And some
    bacground blinking is visible...

    And, yes, sometimes the screen simply goes to some kind of blueish black
    background, and blinking is still visible... I don't know how to describe
    it... It goes blueish just for a moment, and then goes back to black

    Any help to this monitor? I am planning to let the guys from repair-shop
    take a look at it... But, I'd just like to know what is happening to ti... I
    like this monitor very much, and I don't know if I will find anything
    similar if this one dies... :((((

    Thanks to all good people...

    "Brezuljkasts li gledalisteu njuku ?" upita kokakolaa pipa skakavacu
    komponiru. "Nisam ja nikog bombardiro !" rece Klinton ljubi "Ja samo
    snajperisto kolje zagadjenm !" By runf

    Damir Lukic,
    a member of hr.comp.hardver FAQ-team
  2. Could be just and djustment or if the unit is a couple of years old, failed
    compoinents inthe g2 or bias supply ckts. Good idea to ahve the repair shop
    have a go.
  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Now you know better than that, it's not just an adjustment if it occurred
    suddenly. Something has failed, unfortunatly without looking at it it's
    pretty hard to say what. Shouldn't cost a whole lot to have it fixed though.
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